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Involve Referral Program






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The Involve Referral Program helps you earn for referring new people to sign-up as a Partner with Involve. 

Once your new sign-up earns at least 1 sale conversion (CPS) within 14 days of their account approval, you’ll earn RM2 each!

After which, you can still earn referral bonuses for up to 180 days. The more the new sign ups perform on Involve, the more you’ll make in referral commission!

After your new sign-up earns at least 1 CPS conversion within 14 days of their account approval, you are entitled to receive 2 more bonuses for the next 180 days: 

  1. Tier Bonuses
  2. Special Bonuses

In the calculation example below, assume that you managed to get at least 10 referrals that meet the criteria. You can potentially earn RM2,860 (USD 647)!


For more details of this calculation example, please click here.

Ready to start referring? Click on the next lesson to get your referral link:

  1. Generate your referral link from your Involve dashboard.
  2. Copy your referral link
  3. Promote your referral link online

Follow this step-by-step video:

Anna is a student from Sabah, Malaysia. She earned over RM500 by referring her online audience to join Involve Asia as a Partner!

So, we interviewed her & here is Anna’s formula for her Referral success:

  1. You must earn affiliate commissions on Involve Asia first
  2. Only then will people trust you to join Involve as a Partner.

We’ll be diving a little deeper into these 2 points.

Anna’s Tips on How to Earn CPS Conversions with Involve

  • TikTok & Twitter was Anna’s platform of choice to build her audience.
  • She creates short videos to educate young micro-business owners.
  • She then inserts her Involve affiliate link for the recommended products in her videos.
  • She earns an affiliate commission for each recommendation resulting in a sale.

Click here for more tips on how to start earning affiliate income with Involve Asia.

How to Promote the Involve Referral Program

Now that you have a few affiliate conversions for yourself, your recommendations to join Involve Asia & earn online will be much more convincing.

All you have to do is to show proof of your earnings.

In Anna’s example, she screenshotted her earnings & encourages her audience to join Involve Asia as a Partner through her referral link:

Twitter Caption: “I’ve been doing videos on TikTok & I’ve earned almost RM500 from Involve Asia”

Read the full case study about Anna here.

Are you ready to earn from the Involve Referral Program? Click the button below  to start promoting your Involve Referral link:

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