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Improve your outreach by connecting with coupon websites, comparison shopping sites, authority bloggers, social media influencers and others for your marketing campaigns.



Websites offering additional sales and discounts



Shopping directories & price comparison websites



Offering rewards / incentives that build consumer loyalty and conversion



Informative articles or other content-driven websites



Popular personalities that leverage on their social media followers


Coupons Sites

eCommerce-friendly websites visited by shoppers looking for the best deals and promotions. These websites will offer coupon or discount codes to their shoppers, helping to enhance the customer base for the advertiser.  Commissions are earned on sales that result from someone clicking through one of their links to the advertiser’s products.

Comparison & Shopping Review Sites

These marketing partners on Involve are also referred as price comparison websites, price analysis tools, comparison shopping agents, shopbots or comparison shopping engines. They are vertical search engines that shoppers use to filter and compare products based on price, features, reviews and other criteria.


Loyalty Sites

Referred also as Incentive Sites, these marketing partners provide consumers with cash back, points or some variation based on purchases made from the site’s affiliate links. Basically, the loyalty or incentive sites would get a commission for every sale, and give a percentage of their commission back to the user who made the actual purchase.

Content Sites & Blogs

These websites and blogs offer content articles and columns on a regular basis, monetizing through affiliate banners and links and even sponsored content. Involve’s content producers and bloggers range from news, gossip, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, discussion forums etc.


Social Media Influencers

These are distinguished individuals who have amassed a following in a specific niche subject area with their readers visiting their social media platforms to obtain information and advice on a particular interest. The interests can range from personal hobbies to consumer product reviews or even tips on everyday-life topics.

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