Comparison & Shopping Review Sites

Who Are They?

These marketing partners on Involve platform are also referred as price comparison websites, price analysis tools, comparison shopping agents, shopbots or comparison shopping engines.

They are vertical search engines that shoppers use to filter and compare products based on price, features, reviews and other criteria.


Here Are Some of the Comparison & Shopping Review Sites on Involve Platform


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Special Placements


Premium Page Placements

Premium Page Placements present an opportunity for a huge amount of exposure, interaction and a rise in brand awareness and sales by utilizing a publisher with a high traffic website.

iPrice, Technave, Comparehero or other loyalty sites often allow placements of the advertisers’ offers on their homepage or sub-category pages.

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Social Media Exposure

As much as 92% of digital marketers utilise social networks to promote and market businesses, products and services to garner more brand exposure and eventually deliver profitable results.

Comparison and review sites on Involve such as PrizePanda or Smartshopper will post your offers on their social media platforms to expose them to their legion of social media followers and generate the desired traction.


Email Exposure

Increase your reach and brand loyalty by using email marketing capabilities to get your brand discovered and also stay on top of the mind among your targeted customers.

Involve’s experienced e-mail marketers will help communicate through personalised, relevant and dynamic messages to acquire new customers and encourage current customers to act on your offer immediately.

Why Choose Comparison & Shopping Review Sites

  • Ready buyers as the online readers are often already in “buying mode”.
  • Convenience as shoppers can view your products on a site ‘focused’ on your industry.
  • Shoppers can distinguish and differentiate your unique product or service offerings from others.
  • Reviews and ratings from actual customers attract and encourage others to your products/service.

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