Content Producers & Bloggers

Who Are They?

Websites and blogs  that offer content articles and columns on a regular basis, monetizing through affiliate banners and links and even sponsored content.  If it’s comparable to a magazine or daily media publication, you know that’s heavy content.

Involve’s content producers and bloggers range from news, gossip, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, discussion forums etc.


Here Are Some of the Content Producers & Bloggers on Involve Platform


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Special Placements


Social Media Exposure

With the advent of social media, brands who wish to drive leads will be looking at ways to drive engagement and impact on their marketing campaigns in this space.

Your offer will be curated accordingly to its content by Involve’s marketing partners to be posted on Facebook, YouTube, Blog, Twitter, Instagram or other social platforms as they engage and call on their followers to take action.

Native Placements

Grab the consumer’s attention on your offers presented as a news story rather than a direct promotion or advertisement by Involve’s marketing partners. Pique your target audience’s interest and engage them as they read about your offer content and buy into the details.

Used on social, search, and content recommendation platforms, this has become a staple item on the online advertising menu.


Email Exposure

Let Involve marketing partners communicate your brand or campaign with personalised, relevant, dynamic messages as they help to acquire new customers and convince current customers to take action immediately.

These transactional emails from the marketing partners allow shoppers to respond automatically to important actions like returning to their abandoned shop-cart and to make a purchase.

Why Choose Content Producers & Bloggers

  • Relevance is more important than traffic. Content marketing relates to the business that helps your ideal customer, both educational and useful.
  • Content sites normally have newsletters sent to their subscribers on a comprehensive summary of the day’s most important products or services
  • Great content will appeal to more than one person– and the masses will begin to chatter about what you have to say

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