Coupons & Deals Websites

Who Are They?

These are eCommerce-friendly websites visited by shoppers looking for the best deals and promotions.

The websites on Involve regularly offer coupons or discount codes to their shoppers, enhancing the customer base and earn commissions on sales that result from someone clicking through one of their links to the advertiser’s products.


Here Are Some of the Coupons & Deals Websites on Involve Platform


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Special Placements


Premium Pages Placements

Premium placement on Involve’s marketing partner websites may comprise banners on their home pages, categories and other premium pages which are naturally visited so your brand gets direct exposure.

Sites such as Cuponation or ShopCoupons regularly place the advertiser’s offers on their landing pages to allow maximum exposure and rise in brand awareness.

This gets the the brand to be exposed to new customers, subsequently increase site traffic, clicks, conversions and leads for your business among the shoppers.

Social Media Exposure

Look to get ahead of the curve through the power of social media exposure to increase and measure your brand awareness and marketing goals.

Your offers will be posted with relevant text and high-resolution imagery across social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blog etc) by marketing partners such as SalesDuck or Paylesser. This is a great way to drive engagement to your brand, defining presence and impact ultimately drive leads to your marketing campaigns.


Email Exposure

Email marketing is efficient to be sent out to consumers who are waiting for the next best deals!  In fact, some readers prefer to receive the latest posts from websites or blogs using email subscription.

You can be sure of your offers and campaigns staying on the forefront of the readers’ minds as they receive notification emails directly to their personal email inboxes.

Why Choose Coupons & Deals Site?

  • Introduces new customers to your store to build customer base
  • Introduces new product lines
  • Encourages customers to try a new brand
  • Encourages customers to return to your store
  • Ability to build an email marketing base to encourage customer return when offering new products or for other marketing campaigns
  • Placement of offers on premium pages (homepage, events, etc)

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