Loyalty Sites

Who Are They?

Referred also as Incentive Sites, these marketing partners on Involve provide consumers with cash back, points or some variation based on purchases made from the site’s affiliate links.

Basically, the loyalty or incentive sites would get a commission for every sale, but give a percentage of their commission back to the user who made the actual purchase.


Here Are Some of the Loyalty Sites on Involve Platform


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Special Placements


Premium Pages Placements

Every day, millions of travellers visit popular sites like AirAsia Big looking to redeem their points to travel. Capture the attention of these potential customers, and get premium exposure, with premium placements on these sites.

The best thing with these types of sponsored placements is that you only pay for the clicks you get — impressions are free!

Utilise these sponsored placements on Involve’s marketing partners to place your offer right in front of potential customers.

Social Media Exposure

Social media interaction is like engaging in a dialog with your targeted audience; and your campaign and content will be geared towards generating interaction and engagement from the social media community.

Posted on the social media platforms of Involve’s high traffic marketing partners, your offers will be seen and talked about within the community to generate the desired leads for your marketing campaigns.


Email Exposure

Keeping shoppers interested and informed on the available discounts on a specific product, sales, new product introduction are a chore to many advertisers.

Let Involve marketing partners take that chore away from you as they build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers and keep them aware of your brand’s updates and follow ups to your brand with email alerts and reminders.

Why Choose A Loyalty Site?

  • Develop a following for a new brand or small to medium-sized retailers
  • Exposure to a large, established audience of consumers
  • Customers are reminded of sales/ new products an email that goes out to their member base, which can generate quite a bit of traffic
  • Also, if you don’t have the technology to manage coupon codes or discounts, a cash-back offer from a loyalty site could help convert undecided shoppers.

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