Social Media Influencers

Who Are They?

These are distinguished individuals on Involve who have amassed a following in a specific niche subject area with their readers visiting their social media platforms to obtain information and advice on a particular interest.

The interests can range from personal hobbies to consumer product reviews or even tips on everyday-life topics.


Here Are Some of the Social Media Influencers on Involve Platform


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Special Placements


Social Media Exposure

Great application to drive engagement to your brand, allowing you to define presence and impact, ultimately driving leads to your marketing campaigns.

From twitter, Facebook, YouTube to many others, influential social media personalities on Involve will be utilising these tools to position your brand in front of their vast number of followers as they reach out to your target audience.

Why Choose Social Media Influencers?

  • Power of persuasion with a strong following
  • Introduce new customers to your products and build customer base
  • Introduce your company new product lines
  • Encourages customers to try a new brand
  • Ability to build brand awareness and tap on their thousands of followers as your offers are posted across social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc).

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