How Anna Makes Money Online Easily with Involve Referral Program

In April 2022, Anna bumped up her online earnings by hundreds of MYR by promoting the Involve Asia Referral Program. This is on top of her already successful earnings through Involve.

So in this article, we’ll take a look at why Anna did so well and how you can use her lessons to improve your affiliate earnings with Involve too!

Let’s start:

How Anna Earned Her 80,000+ Followers

Anna wanted her content to connect with young 20-year-old Malaysians who are interested in starting an online micro-business & also online shopping.

To reach out to her niche audience, she published highly relatable content in the local Malay language and keeps it simple, educational, and light-hearted.

Over time & due to her helpful & engaging content, she amassed over 5,000+ followers on Twitter & over 80,000+ followers on TikTok!

I know we all want to have many followers like Anna too! Let’s see how she earned her loyal audience: 

How Anna Used TikTok to Reach Her Target Audience

In 2020, Anna started using TikTok to promote other small businesses from Shopee & Lazada, especially those struggling financially during the pandemic. The businesses that she promoted were selling products that were highly relevant to her audiences, such as phone cases, tudung (Muslim hijab), perfume, and hair serum.

Due to her kind-hearted initiative, she gained a lot of followers from small businesses & other people who want to help out small businesses. Here’s what her TikTok recommendations look like:

Supports small businesses by doing free product reviews (Source: Anna’s TikTok Video)

To further garner engagement, Anna updated her TikTok bio to clearly tell her audience what they can expect from her content.

Furthermore, she explored TikTok’s features such as using trending songs and hashtags to maximize her reach.

“I learn every day even though I struggle to develop ideas for content creation, especially in overcoming the TikTok algorithm,” she said. “It’s just trial and error.”

Besides promoting small businesses to build more engagement with different audiences, she mixed in some travel and lifestyle content, including her Petronas Twin Tower vlog, which got the highest engagement:

Anna shows how to get up to the Petronas Twin Towers (Source: Anna’s TikTok Video)

Anna Used Twitter to Help New Small Business Owners

Like Anna, many of her followers on Twitter and TikTok are finding ways to earn money online, especially those running small businesses.

Anna shows how to print delivery stickers easily (Source: Anna’s Twitter Thread)

Another example of her helpful content for small businesses is her video about how to print delivery stickers, pack orders, and post items to be sold online.

Her engaging content on Twitter and TikTok helped her to build a wider audience who are keen to shop for her product recommendations and learn more about how to earn money online.

One of her followers spotted her viral content and recommended her to join Involve where she can promote her favourite brands and earn affiliate commissions.

Interested in earning income through a different approach online, she decided to kickstart her affiliate marketing journey with Involve.

How Anna Started Earning with Involve

After signing up with Involve, she browsed through campaigns available on her dashboard.

She looked through the brands’ Offer pages for more information, such as campaign periods, commission models, and T&Cs of campaigns, before she started promoting them on her content. 

There are many ways to earn with Involve. The most common is getting paid affiliate commissions for a successful sale (CPS).

For Anna, she earned CPS commissions by promoting recommended beauty, fashion, and home & lifestyle products from Shopee and Watsons.

In early April 2022, she uploaded a TikTok video about her experience in using the mechanical keyboard in her workspace. She included her Involve link on her bio where her followers can purchase it at Shopee.

Involve also has Click Offer Campaigns, where you can earn for each unique click on your Involve link.

Here is an example tweet where she promoted Involve’s click offers (she gets paid for each click):

Anna shares her Involve link to Editor’s Pick page, featuring the top-selling products and promotions (Source: Anna’s Twitter Thread)

Anna monitored her performance (mostly clicks and conversions) by looking at the Performance and Conversion Reports.

To boost her clicks and conversions, she looked for various Offers to promote on TikTok and Twitter till she discovered Involve Referral Program appeared on the dashboard.

How Anna Earned from the Involve Referral Program

Anna learned that the Involve Asia Referral Program rewards both the referee & the new signup, so it is a very attractive Offer to promote.

With a loyal audience that follows Anna on the topic of earning money online, Anna thought it would be fitting to tell her audience to join Involve Asia as a Partner, where they can also earn an income online. 

Here’s how she promoted it on her Twitter:

For every parcel unboxing, people will ask “So pretty! Where did you buy it?” So, I take this opportunity to provide my affiliate link and receive commissions from there. Knowing that I almost got RM500 commission, who would give for free? XD Here, Anna will show you how to register and get commissions from Involve Asia. (Source: Anna’s Twitter thread)

She created a Twitter thread about Involve Asia that helps people earn money online with the following details:

  • How to use Involve in affiliate marketing
  • How to promote brands & earn money in affiliate marketing
  • How to sign up with Involve
  • Her experience in doing affiliate marketing with Involve

Her Twitter thread went viral (7.4K retweets, more than 23K likes, and 100 comments) because her followers wanted to know more about Involve and how to earn money online via affiliate marketing.

“My Twitter threads were retweeted many times and garnered a lot of clicks on my affiliate link to sign up as Partner at Involve,” Anna added.

She responded to her followers’ queries on how to earn money and register as a Partner at Involve.

Her Twitter threads encouraged 1,500 people to register as Partner at Involve after clicking on Anna’s affiliate link to Involve Asia Referral Program.

More than 2.9K cumulative conversions were made within two days, leading her to earn RM500 (including bonuses) in total!

Truly fantastic & inspiring, especially for someone her age! You must be pumped to also earn online just like Anna. So here’s a summary of Anna’s success:

Wrapping Up Anna’s Affiliate Success with Involve

  • Localised content in different languages (such as Malay and Chinese) to the target audience
  • Keep the content simple and light-hearted
  • Select popular products that entice shoppers to purchase through affiliate links
  • Provide solutions to the audience on different platforms such as TikTok and Twitter
  • Reply to queries to maintain the relationship with your followers

Ready to start promoting your favourite brands and earn like Anna? Sign up as Partner at Involve here.

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