How To Register As An Involve Publisher? Step-By-Step Guide For Influencers & Content Creators

Hey Influencers, do you have a Facebook page, website, Instagram account, or YouTube channel?
You’re probably spending a great deal of time creating content and building an audience. You rock, and you deserve it.
But do you know that you can make money from your audience?
If you promote relevant products to them, and they end up buying through you, you’ll earn a commission. This whole online process is called ‘Affiliate Marketing’.
You can start your Affiliate Marketing journey with Involve. Involve is southeast Asia’s largest Affiliate Marketing network with more than 1,500 brands for you to promote.
But before we start, you’ll need to register a Publisher account with Involve. Follow the steps below to begin:

Step 1: Create an Affiliate Account With Involve

1. Go to Involve’s Publishers page, and click on ‘Join as Publisher’ to get started:

2. Next, it will lead you to the first part of the sign up page, named Property Information. 
‘Property’ refers to your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, or TikTok profile.

3. Look at the table below for a concise summary definition and example for each section 👇

RequirementsWhat it MeansExample
Property URLYour website or social media profile link
ChannelYour method of marketing
  • Influencers – @khairulaming
  • Content – Ryan Toysreview
  • Loyalty – Shopback
What is your property about?Give us a short summary of your property@yourname is an Instagram verified content creator with 1 million of followers.

4. After you finish filling up the boxes, click ‘Next’. You will land on this ‘Property Categorization’ form. This is where you need to provide detailed information about your property.

5. Check out this box down here:

RequirementsSimple termsExample
Type of advertisersType of paid advertising
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per sale
  • Pay per impression
Property CategoryYour niche or specialty
  • Health and Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Food
Traffic Acquisition Method
  • How do you get people to visit your property?
  • Do you pay for ads?
  • Do you promote on social media?
  • Rank organically?
  • Display Network
  • Email
  • PPC (Brand Bidding)
Advertisement FormatYour preferred way of advertising
  • Coupon Listing
  • Email marketing
  • Product sponsorship

6. OPTIONAL: ‘Premium Inventory’ allows you to share your current advertising package (rate card) to Advertisers. P.S: If you don’t know what a rate card is, skip this step by selecting ‘No’ and click on ‘Next.’

7. In the next section, you will have to provide your personal information. This includes your company’s name, your email address, your name and password.

8. At the bottom of the form, tick the ‘I agree to the Terms & Condition’ box and click ‘Submit’.
9. Now wait for your application to be approved by an account manager. This will typically take 2 to 3 working days.
10. After approval, you will receive an email from Involve.
Now, you have registered as a Publisher with Involve. Congratulations! Click the button below to sign up as a Publisher.
Register As Publisher