How Tokopedia Increased 410x Their Sales in 12 Months with Involve

Tokopedia joined as an Advertiser at Involve to better track overall affiliate marketing performance and boost e-commerce sales.

Tokopedia implemented the following strategies to increase growth and build relationships with Involve Partners & their audience.

Upsized Commissions for Major Campaigns

Since January 2021, Tokopedia increased its affiliate commission payouts from 1.05% to 2.1% for the most popular monthly campaigns:

  • Tokopedia Waktu Indonesia Belanja
  • Tokopedia Ramadan Ekstra
  • Tokopedia Super Brands Festival
  • Tokopedia CantikFest
  • Tokopedia Tekno
  • Tokopedia Selalu Store
  • Tokopedia Parents
  • Tokopedia Nyam!
  • Tokopedia Super Gadget Day

More than 300 Involve Partners actively promoted these campaigns due to the attractive upsized commissions given by Tokopedia.

89% of the participating Involve Partners were KOLs, influencers, and content creators who picked up Tokopedia campaigns and recommended their followers to purchase must-have products during peak sales.

Sharing Regular Campaigns to Partners

Tokopedia features regular campaigns on the Offer page, where Involve Partners can find the latest updates.

Providing helpful information and visual assets to Involve Partners enables them to help boost traffic and sales conversions during non-major campaign periods.

Involve implemented the following internal communications to let Partners know about Tokopedia’s ongoing campaigns:

  • Featured Offers listing
  • Dashboard banners
  • Pop-ups
  • Landing page
  • Blog articles
  • Weekly Offer Push EDMs
  • Dedicated EDMs highlighting new updates such as upsized commissions and significant campaigns to promote

Tokopedia has also featured campaigns for Involve Partners to push promotions during the double-date sales.

Reaching Out to Involve Loyalty Partners

3% of participating Partners run coupons & loyalty websites where they share weekly and monthly promo codes, enticing their followers to shop more at Tokopedia with exciting discounts, cashback, and free shipping.

Tokopedia took this opportunity to cap Loyalty Partners as coupons increase average order value and conversion rates on successful sales.

Tokopedia encourages Loyalty Partners to promote their campaigns with promo codes more frequently while still earning the same payout.

(Source: GetPlus Website)

For example, GetPlus featured Tokopedia’s campaigns on its mobile app, where customers can earn points and enjoy rewards whenever they purchase items at Tokopedia website via GetPlus. 

They also push major sales to shop during peak times, such as 8.8 Sales, on Instagram.

Loyalty Partners’ active promotions for Tokopedia’s campaigns drove almost a 100% increase in the total number of conversions.

410x Sales Growth in 12 Months through Involve Partnership

From September 2021 to August 2022, on Involve’s platform, Tokopedia generated close to 410x growth in sales while maintaining a Return of Investment (ROI) of 152. 

Involve Partners’ active promotions for Tokopedia’s ongoing promotions drove a massive increase in traffic and sales on Tokopedia’s e-commerce platform.

Potential Partners brought 6x clicks to the Tokopedia website and earned 170x sales conversions after successful purchases via their Involve affiliate links.

Tokopedia’s campaigns with unique selling points, promo codes, and visual assets help Involve Partners prepare content that influences their audience to purchase top-converting products during peak and non-peak sales.

Upsized commissions for major monthly campaigns led Tokopedia to give 631x payout to active Involve Partners.

Providing Commissions & Promotion Materials

Involve will develop incentive mechanisms for attractive commissions for new & existing Partners, leading to more participation in promoting Tokopedia’s campaigns.

Tokopedia will provide more promotion materials (such as visual assets, lists of top-selling products, and updated datafeed) to help Involve Partners promote engaging content about Tokopedia.

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