[IMPORTANT]: Lazada Commission Restructure

Photo by Chris Briggs on Unsplash

Attention Publishers: Are you promoting products on Lazada? We have an important update for you.
Lazada is restructuring their commission payouts to Publishers. This new commission restructuring will affect your earnings as an Affiliate Publisher.
In this article, we will explain to you:
1. What are the commission changes?
2. How will this affect your earnings?
3. How can you maximise your earnings despite the commission restructure?
For you to fully understand the changes and how it will affect your Affiliate earnings, let’s cover how the commission structure currently works (before the commission restructure):

What is the Current Lazada Commission Structure?

There will be a base commission paid out to each Lazada conversion.
For conversions that offer additional bonus commission, your commission payout will be the sum of 2 commission parts:
Your commission payout = Base + Bonus (optional)
Since not all items sold on Lazada has bonus commissions, here’s a flow chart visual representation of your commission payout:

What is the New Lazada Commission Structure?

In the new commission structure, there will be no base commissions for Brands with bonuses.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the old and new Lazada commission structure:

Old Commission Structure
New Commission Structure
Additional Bonus?
With Bonus
No Bonus
With Bonus
No Bonus
Commission Payout
Base + Bonus
Base Only
Bonus Only
Base Only

How is This Affecting You as a Publisher?

Ultimately, you’ll earn less for each conversion made for Lazada under the new commission restructure.
Which brings us to the next chapter on how Involve can help you maximise your commission earnings despite this new commission restructure:

Maximise Your Earnings Despite the Changes

Due to the commission restructure, not all products sold on Lazada will have a lucrative commission structure.
Moving forward as a Publisher, it will be wise to promote Brands that convert and pay well.
Involve helps Publishers like you by compiling a list of live Brands with the optimum balance of high conversion and high bonus payouts.
The list is compiled and will be sent out in our weekly newsletter and promoted to our social media channels.
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