Malaysia Airlines Earns 4x YoY Growth with Involve Partnership

As travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic started to loosen, people started making holiday plans they had longed for almost two years.

Seeing how the travel industry was starting to pick up, Malaysia Airlines took this opportunity to reach out to both current & new target audiences and drive sales from domestic & international flight bookings.

Here’s how Malaysia Airlines boosted its growth within 12 months through its affiliate program at Involve Asia.

Finding Potential Partners

Malaysia Airlines were looking for Partners that have an understanding of the brand and approach to translating the critical messages to their audience.

2.8% of Involve Partners promoted travel-related content consisting of Coupons, Loyalty, and Content Websites.

We selected the Partners who have been actively promoting Malaysia Airlines. We also invited Partners, specialised in Travel, to try featuring Malaysia Airlines on their platforms.

Providing Upsized Commission for Partners

Malaysia Airlines gave the upsized commission for several coupon websites and premium content sites promoting their brand and campaigns.

Those Partners noticed that their audience was looking for affordable flights with special promotions such as discounts and cashback.

With upsized commissions from Malaysia Airlines, affiliate Partners provided upsized cashback to their audience.

For example, Shopback shared monthly Malaysia Airlines promotions with vouchers, promo codes, and cashback to their users. The users will get an upsized cashback when they successfully make flight bookings through Shopback (an Involve Partner).

Malaysia Airlines was also keen on focusing on quality content websites where Partners create listicles and reviews in which readers look for flight recommendations while making travel plans.

Like OppaSharing, premium content websites shared Malaysia Airlines’ promotions with affordable prices, such as MHflypass (at the lowest price of RM499), which includes a 35kg baggage allowance and unlimited ticket changes.

Providing Targeted Campaigns & Banners

Besides recommending flights to popular destinations, Malaysia Airlines also shared targeted campaigns & banners to Partners who have traffic in specific countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Malaysia Airlines included the following campaigns promoting seamless travel for business:

  • MHShuttle flights between Malaysia and Singapore
  • Customise Business Class experiences

Coupon and premium content websites picked up those campaigns & banners from their Involve Partner Dashboard and adapted those campaign mechanics to their content.

Drove 32.7x More Sales from Flight Bookings

From January 2021 to May 2022, Malaysia Airlines earned an average of 53.1% sales growth from successful flight bookings after customers viewed Partners’ promotions on coupon sites and premium content websites.

Monthly, about 480 Involve Partners promoted Malaysia Airlines on their platforms. The upsized commissions and detailed flight routes & campaigns provided by Malaysia Airlines encouraged Partners to promote Malaysia Airlines.

With consistent Malaysia Airlines’ promotions on Partners’ platforms, 9% of those Partners earned conversions from those who made Malaysia Airlines flight bookings via their affiliate links.

Optimising Malaysia Airline Routes to Reach a Wider Audience

Malaysia Airlines plans to optimise focus flight routes to reach new markets in target regions, mainly the UK, India, and Australia, by promoting their flights and encouraging them to have their holiday plans in Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines has ongoing ‘Bonus Side Trip’ campaigns to Partners with traffic outside Malaysia. These campaigns highlight travellers to enjoy their holidays at any destination during their layover in Malaysia.

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