How Photobook Earned 40% More Sales In Five Months

Photobook used data from Involve to create custom landing pages optimised for visitors coming from their marketing efforts. 

Here’s how Photobook in Malaysia created optimised landing pages to help build awareness and drive more sales.

Optimise & Grow Photobook E-commerce Sales

Photobook uses affiliate marketing as one of its strategies to reach out to new customers through Partners.

Photobook set up dedicated landing pages where customers can browse through a wide selection of printed photo products. This would help boost Photobook’s brand awareness and e-commerce sales.

On Involve Dashboard, Photobook looked into the Partners’ performance in promoting their products to determine which products were most likely to drive sales.

Latest Promotions on Photobook Landing Page

Under the ‘Promotion’ page, Photobook shares the following promotions for various products with discounts (up to 90%), including prints and stationery & cards:

  • Prepaid Deals – Buy Now, Create Later
  • Coupon Code – Deals of the Week
  • Bulk Purchase Discount – Buy More, Save More
  • Value Sets – Combo deals with significant saving

Once those pages went live, we informed Partners about Photobook’s monthly promotions & encourage them to promote on their platform, which will boost their conversions.

Coupon/Loyalty Partners can get up to 15% commission when customers have successfully purchased Photobook’s products.

Encouraging Partners to Promote Photobook Gifts

Partners were provided with options of which Photobook promotions they would like to promote, based on their audience’s preferences, that drove the most sales & conversions.

Most Coupon/Loyalty Partners picked up and featured promotions on their websites.

On their assets, they included:

  • Campaign mechanics
  • Promo codes & discounts
  • Affiliate links that take the audience to the Photobook’s ‘Promotion’ page

Photobook was able to align popular products with Partners’ promotions.

Learn more about how Advertisers align their products with Partners’ promotions in our article here.

40% Increase in Photobook’s Gross Sales

In five months, optimising their landing pages with Partners’ promotions brought significant sales by a 40% increase in Malaysia.

The number of conversions increased by 74%, with a 3x improvement in the conversion rate from clicks.

Partners maximised their traffic and conversions by referring to performance data & consumer insights and generating their affiliate links.

Photobook’s payout to Partners as earnings increased by 37%.

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