How to Promote Involve Asia Referral Program on YouTube – Philippines

Hey, we’re here to guide you through how to promote our referral program, giving you RM 2 bonus & more, earning up to RM530 quickly if you have 10 sign-ups!

Check out your performance in promoting Referral Program, including bonuses, in the Referral Report on Involve Dashboard.
YouTube is a great platform to bring in your human element by sharing your experience as an Involve Asia Publisher through your videos.

Here’s how to talk about this program and earn EXTRA bonuses.

Include a sponsor message 

Make a shoutout about Involve Asia by mentioning this program at the beginning of all of your videos.

The message should be between 15 to 30 seconds that encourage your viewers to apply for Involve Asia as a Partner.

Our Partner, Haikal, introduces our referral program

You can use the following examples of how you can say in your videos:

Example 1: This video is sponsored by Involve Asia. Sign up as an Influencer and get your monthly income by promoting over 1,000 brands.

Example 2: This video is sponsored by Involve Asia. Kickstart your journey as an Influencer by signing up with Involve Asia and promoting your favourite brands on your content.

Example 3: This video is sponsored by Involve Asia. Join Involve Asia as a Partner, get a RM2 bonus, promote over 5000 brands and earn your monthly income. 

Also, let them know that they will get a RM 2 bonus after they sign up.

Review Involve Asia

Share your experience as a Partner in Involve Asia and tell them how you earn your income from promoting brands on your content.

Start off by talking about what Involve Asia does, how we help you in Affiliate marketing and how you feel about using our platform.

Guide them through on how you use Involve Asia dashboard to promote brands and earn monthly income. Providing screenshots of your walkthrough are easier for your subscribers to view your experience in using the dashboard.

Let’s have a look at one of Haikal’s videos where he talked about our referral program.

(Source: Video)

Haikal gives a short description of what Involve Asia is about before guiding viewers through using the Involve Asia dashboard. Using Shopee Malaysia as his example, he shares screenshots of how he promotes his favourite brands on his content, including generating his Affiliate links and signing up as Partner.

We suggest creating a 5 to 10-minute video with a short and concise information that encourages your viewers to click on your Affiliate link and sign up.

Don’t forget to add our banners to your video.

Paste your generated Affiliate link in the description box on all your videos. This link will take your subscribers to our homepage where they can sign up as Partners.

Haikal includes his Affiliate link in the description of his YouTube video

Make it easier for your subscribers to find your Affiliate link by creating a comment with your link and pinning it as a top comment.

Doing this will get more subscribers to click and apply as Partners, leading to earning more RM 2 bonuses.

  1. Log in to your Dashboard and search for ‘Involve Asia Referral Program’. Alternatively, you can click here which takes you to its Offer page.
  2. Click on the ‘Promote’ button which will show a pop-up link generator.
  3. Select your property, a link will be provided in the URL section.
  4. Click ‘Generate’ and you got yourself an affiliate link for the Referral Program.

Now you know how to promote our referral program on YouTube, head on over to the Offer Page below and get your Affiliate link.

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