Razer Partnered with Involve & 11x Their Sales in Two Months

Most gamers look for reliable online stores where they can seamlessly purchase excellent quality products at affordable prices. Specifically, discounted prices on selected products are the ones they would add to their carts.

See how Razer reached out to targeted affiliate Partners who picked up on promoting top-selling products with discount vouchers.

Tapping into Current & New Markets

Razer’s online store offers a wide range of hardware & software products, payment services, and apparel for gamers internationally.

Razer wanted a strategy to increase growth in sales and acquire new customers in current and new markets.

With Involve, Razer was able to reach out to suggested Partners who have the potential to drive sales at Razer Store. In addition, Razer identified specific electronics & gaming products that Partners actively promote and drive sales by looking at the Partners’ Performance Report at Involve Dashboard.

Discount Vouchers for Products & Customers

Razer shared exclusive discount vouchers for selected products to Partners such as:

  • 30% Off + 1,000 Razer Silver for First Order
  • Up to 60% Off Sitewide
  • Up to 20% Off for Students

Based on the performance data, Razer customised discount vouchers and rewards for international Partners in countries such as Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany, United States, and Hong Kong. Those selected Partners have traffic across Southeast Asia.

Partners can get up to 3.5% commission when their audience purchases recommended Razer items at discounted prices through their affiliate links.

Niche Coupon Sites Utilised Razer Discount Coupons

66% of Partners who manages coupon sites drove the most traffic and sales on Razer’s online store.

These Partners featured discounted coupons with short descriptions of what their audience could enjoy while shopping online for Razer’s products with up to 60% discount.

For example, the global online coupon website, Zmails, highlighted Razer’s discount coupons with brief descriptions and encouraged users to visit Razer’s online store. As a result, users can determine how effective these discount coupons work and the number of votes by other users before deciding to spend on Razer’s products with discounts.

Razer monitored Zmails’ sales & conversion performance through Involve Dashboard because of the trackable affiliate links added to the online coupon website.

Increased 11.3x Razer’s Gross Sales in Two Months

Razer saw significant growth in sales after reaching new customers through selected Partners.

In two months, Razer’s gross sales had an 11x growth earned through successful purchases at discounted prices while maintaining a Return of Investment (ROI) of 45.

The number of conversions made from sales increased by 10x.

Razer gave an 11x increase of payout as earnings to affiliate Partners.

Razer’s customised discount codes encouraged Partners to actively promote Razer on their platforms, including coupon sites.

Join as Advertiser at Involve

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