How Thai Smile Airways 34x Their Sales with Involve in 12 Months

The airline industry in Southeast Asia started to get back on air as the pandemic-related travel restrictions ended. 

To pursue recovery in tourism, most airlines, like Thai Smile Airways, focus on domestic flights that contribute to earning more profits efficiently.

Competitive airlines are promoting popular holiday spots to visit with recommended affordable flights and better deals during the peak and non-peak travel periods.

With the partnership at Involve, Thai Smile Airways collaborates with top-performing Involve Partners, who have a deeper understanding of the brand and their audience’s preferences in traveling. 

Here’s how they boost sales for domestic flights in Thailand.

Identifying Performing Affiliate Partners Through Involve’s Data

Using our Involve Dashboard, Thai Smile Airways views how Partners’ performance in promoting travel-related brands.

On the Partner Directory, they determine which affiliate Partners they would like to collaborate with, based on the following criteria:

  • Target audience to reach out to through Partners
  • Type and quality of content on Partners’ website/property, including social media
  • eCPC (effective cost per click) – The average ad cost per click, which is used only after campaign completion or cost evaluation for ongoing campaigns
  • Campaigns – The number of campaigns that Partner is actively promoting

Learn more about how to find and connect with potential Involve Partners in our article.

Thai Smile Airways also looks at the Performance Report & Conversion Report to see which Partners actively promote their campaigns and drive traffic & sales of flight bookings.

Based on the insights Thai Smile Airways had gathered, they reach out to the potential Partners via their dedicated Account Managers.

Aligning Campaigns & Optimising Website with Partners’ Promotions

Thai Smile Airways uploads the following domestic flight campaigns with further details and creative assets on the Involve Dashboard:

  • All students save up to 20%
  • Always-on
  • Direct flight from Bangkok to Hanoi
  • Direct flight from Bangkok to Saigon
  • Direct flight from Bangkok to Roi Et

These campaigns are created based on the target audience and popular destinations that locals & internationals would like to enjoy their holidays in Thailand.

Partners will be able to learn more about Thai Smile Airways and its campaigns before signing up for the affiliate program and promoting their domestic flights.

Thai Smile Airways displays detailed domestic flight information (such as the price for domestic routes, to & from destination for one-way and round trips, and type of insurance) on their website to increase the chance of converting the audience into customers.

Here’s a simple guide on how you can align campaigns and optimise your website with Involve Partners’ promotions.

Travel-Focus Promotions Created by Involve Partners

80% of Involve Partners, mainly consisting of influencers, content creators, and coupons & loyalty websites, specialise in promoting travel-related products and services. These Partners will earn 1.75% commission each time their audience make their flight bookings at Thai Smile Airways.

Like Picodi, coupons & loyalty websites share discounts and affordable prices for new & existing customers, including Privilege members of Thai Smile Airways and those who collect air miles.

Influencers and content creators highlight top places to visit in Thailand alongside recommended Thai Smile Airways’ domestic flights.

For example, ChangTrixget creates Facebook posts with brief details about Thai Smile Airways promotions, discounts, and landing page links in Thai and English. This Partner also compared prices with other airlines, making it easier for the audience to make better decisions in booking flights.

Increase 34x in Sales of Domestic Flight Bookings

Customers’ demand for traveling in Thailand via domestic flights and Involve Partners’ active participation in promoting Thai Smile Airways on their content boosted an increase of 34x in sales for successful flight bookings while maintaining a Return of Investment (ROI) of 40 in 12 months.

Involve Partners’ engaging content contributed 8x growth in clicks to Thai Smile Airways and drove 14x more conversions.

Collaborating with More Involve Partners

Thai Smile Airways is widening its collaborations with other Partners, including content creators, influencers, and KOLs.

Thai Smile Airways continue to encourage Partners to promote their domestic flights to popular destinations in Thailand. In addition, Thai Smile Airways hopes to execute campaigns to drive more sales for international flights in the later year.

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