How Tomaz Shoes Earned 92% Sales Increase in Four Months

Tomaz Shoes discovered that customers are looking for great quality leather goods at affordable prices. These customers prefer to purchase items from local brands instead of those imported overseas.

With an affiliate partnership at Involve, Tomaz Shoes wanted to reach out to potential Partners with a loyal audience and publish shopping & fashion content.

This case study explains how Tomaz Shoes’s strategic collaborations with Involve Partners drove a 92% increase in sales in four months.

Finding & Connecting with Involve Partners

Tomaz Shoes found potential Partners in the following sections at the Involve Dashboard:

  • New Partners (have not promoted Tomaz Shoes) – Partner Directory
  • Existing Partners (have been actively promoting Tomaz Shoes) – Performance Report & Conversion Report

Tomaz Shoes’ dedicated Account Managers also recommended potential Partners they could collaborate with.

Potential Partners were selected based on:

  • Niche content & audience
  • Average ad cost per click
  • Total number of sales and conversions
  • Number of campaigns they have been actively promoting

Once Tomaz Shoes have selected the Partners, they either make an Offer with Partner via Involve Dashboard or ask the Account Manager to assist in communicating with Partner.

Learn more about how to find & connect with Involve Partners here.

Sharing Discount Codes to Potential Partners

Based on the Partners’ niche promotions by product categories, Tomaz Shoes prepared monthly discount codes for their potential Partners.

These promo codes for New Customers & Existing Customers encourage Partners to create & publish fashion-specific content on their platforms. 

Involve Partners Promote Tomaz Shoes’ Attractive Deals

11% of participating Involve Partners were ad networks & coupon and loyalty websites that select great deals that their audience can enjoy at Tomaz Shoes’ website.

These Partners update their monthly deals (such as discount coupons for the first order and up to 60% Off on selected items) for the following Tomaz Shoes’ top-selling product categories, based on their audience’s preferences:

Shoes, gaming chairs, and watches at Tomaz’s website

Partners select Tomaz Shoes’ deals & product categories based on their audience’s preferences.

Tomaz Shoes 92% Growth in Sales

Pushing promotions on Tomaz Shoes’ monthly deals on specific product categories brought tremendous growth in performance for four consecutive months.

Active Partners promoting Tomaz Shoes brought a huge 92% increase in sales while maintaining a Return of Investment (ROI) of 17.

With 3x growth of clicks to Tomaz Shoes’ website, 40% growth in sales conversions were made, which led to 95% more of giving commission payouts to Partners.

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