Protect yourself from scams impersonating Involve Asia

Involve Asia will NEVER request anyone to make a bank deposit into any account.
DO NOT entertain anyone claiming to be from Involve Asia, unless the interaction is from our official sources:
  1. Our official domain:
  2. Our publisher dashboard:
  3. Emails from the domain name:
If you’ve been scammed by someone claiming to be from Involve Asia, submit a report to your local police immediately
If you have any further questions, contact us at:
Email Us

Common Scams

Shopee Transfer Scam

A person claiming to be from Involve Asia contacted the victim randomly via WhatsApp. 

If you reply, they’ll respond by giving you some instructions. Here’s how the scam works:

  1. The scammer will send you a link to a product on Shopee
  2. They’ll ask you to add the product to your shopping cart but don’t complete payment
  3. Instead, transfer the money to the scammer’s bank account
  4. The scammer will transfer the money back with a % to look like you’ve ‘made money’

Victims who are happy with their quick profit will repeat the process and the product selection becomes more expensive, from an RM398 gaming chair to an RM9,999 fridge.

At one point, the scammer will ghost you & not give you your money back. 

What to Do if You’re Not Sure

Block Contact

Cut off communication if you suspect someone is scamming you

Don’t Transfer!

Involve Asia will never ask anyone to deposit money. Don’t Transfer!

Talk to Someone

It’s hard to think straight when you’re too excited. Talk to someone you trust

Report to Police

If you’re a victim, file a scam complaint at your local police immediately