Top-Selling Product Categories in Shopee in Southeast Asia

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In this article, we list out the most converting categories on Shopee by countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam – from January to December 2022.

Shopee Malaysia

In Malaysia, Shopee is customers’ go-to e-commerce store to buy affordable and good quality Home & Living products to spruce up their living spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and workspaces. Storage & organisers, hangers, towels, mini food choppers, cordless vacuum cleaners, multi-cookers, and air fryers drive the most sales on Shopee.

Face masks, facial masks, and hand creams were the most popular products in the Health & Beauty category.

Women preferred to purchase affordable & comfortable socks, lingerie, blouses, and pants for their daily OOTDs at home, work & casual outings.

In the Electronics category, customers mainly bought accessories as their workplace essentials, such as wireless mice, keyboards, laptop stands, HDMI cables, and USB hub adapters.

Soon-to-be parents bought affordable diapers, bath items, milk powder, and toys for their babies in the Mother & Baby category on Shopee.

Shopee Indonesia

Face masks, facial masks, and matte liquid lipsticks were the most popular products in the Health & Beauty category.

For Women’s Fashion, customers often bought lingerie, pants, blouses, tudung, and long dresses at reasonable prices with discounts. 

Customers mainly bought phone cases, wireless earphones & screen protectors in the Electronics category.

Storages & organisers, DIY wallpapers, and easy-to-attach lights were frequently purchased in the Home & Living category.

In the Toys & Hobbies category, spinning toys, cat food & customisable photo cards drove the most sales.

Shopee Philippines

Women’s stylish tops, pants, and lingerie drove more conversions in the Women’s Fashion category.

Besides disposable face masks, customers mainly bought liquid lipsticks, waterproof eyeliners, and nail art sets.

Customers bought infinix, Oppo, and realme mobile phones at discounted prices. Portable lights, mini fans, and Bluetooth headphones were the most popular tech accessories to buy on Shopee.

In the Home & Living category, customers purchased storage & organisers and wall stickers for their DIY projects at home. They also bought multi-functional cookers and portable fans for their living spaces.

Knitting wool, gift bags, foldable boxes, and gel pens contributed the most sales in Toys & Hobbies category.

Shopee Thailand

Customers bought mini cookers, portable fans, storage & organisers, and wall stickers, which contributed to the highest sales in the Home & Living category.

In the Health & Beauty category, customers mostly purchased face masks, facial masks, mini mirrors, hand creams, and eyebrow pencils.

Customers bought affordable stationery for art projects and journaling in the Toys & Hobbies category on Shopee.

Oppo and realme were the preferred brands customers would look for affordable smartphones. Customers also purchase wireless earphones in the Electronics category.

Women enjoyed shopping for lingerie, comfortable pants, and blouses they can wear for various occasions at home, work, and formal & casual gatherings.

Shopee Singapore

Hangers, vacuum pack storages, multi-cookers, cordless vacuum cleaners, and dehumidifiers drove the most conversions from the Home & Living category on Shopee.

Face masks, facial masks, body care sets, and skincare sets were the most popular items to buy in the Health & Beauty category.

Customers bought switches for mechanical keyboards, laptop holders, wireless earphones, and screen protectors & cases for their mobile devices.

Lingerie converted the most sales from the Women’s Fashion category, while toys for babies & young children were the most frequently bought items in the Toys & Hobbies category.

Shopee Vietnam

In the Home & Living category, mini cookers, portable kettles, cordless vacuum cleaners, storage & organisers, and towels drove the most sales on Shopee.

Customers purchased facial masks, fake nail art, eyeliners, face masks and supplements in the Health & Beauty category.

Lingerie, socks, and casual outfits (such as shirts & pants) for women, men, and children boosted sales in the Women’s Fashion and General Fashion category.

Mechanical keyboards, wireless earphones, and mobile phone cases were the best-selling items in the Electronics category.


In all six countries, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Women’s Fashion, and Toys & Hobbies were the most popular categories for customers’ online shopping on Shopee in 2022. They purchased great quality products with discounts and cashback, especially during double-date sales.

By identifying the top-selling products by categories, Partners will be able to execute creating exciting and helpful content for followers. In addition, highlighting best-selling products on their content will drive sales and conversions on Shopee’s e-commerce platform.

Found the best-selling products on Shopee to promote on your content? Click below to sign up as a Shopee Affiliate Partner at Involve.

Found the best-selling products on Shopee to promote on your content? Click below to sign up as a Shopee Affiliate Partner at Involve.

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