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In this article, we list out the most converting categories on Shopee by countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore – from January to October 2021.

Shopee Malaysia


As most customers are at home during the pandemic, they bought affordable and good quality Home & Living products that provide comfort and convenience in their household, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and workspaces. Specifically, storage and towels for the kitchen, cushions, hangers, and DIY materials for the interior converted the most sales.

Face masks, hand sanitisers, lip tints, eyebrow pencils, and sunblocks are the most popular items in the Health & Beauty category.

In the Electronics category, customers mostly bought mobile phone holders, power banks, storage, cable straps, screen protectors, and laptop stands.

Instant noodle packs and snacks are the best-selling items to purchase and add into the customers’ pantries while women bought fashion clothing that fits for home, outdoor casual and work.

Shopee Indonesia


Customers mostly bought makeup and skincare products at branded stores on Shopee such as Maybelline, Garnier, Dettol, Wardah, and Pixy.

Sweaters, hoodies and long dresses are the most popular items bought in the Women’s Fashion category on Shopee.

Customers frequently visited Electronics and Home & Living categories to purchase humidifiers, appliances, storage & containers, and towels for their kitchens.

Toys & Hobbies category is one of the popular categories because customers purchased food and self-care items for their pets. Pop It Rainbow converts the most sales due to the most trending toys to play with.

Shopee Philippines


Women’s stylish tops and dresses drove more conversions in the Women’s Fashion category.

In the Home & Living category, customers zip-lock bags, storage and hangers to provide more organised spaces in their households.

Besides disposable face masks, customers mostly bought their makeup items at PINKFLASH, SACE LADY, and FOCALLURE brand stores.

Customers purchased Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, and Oppo mobile phones at discounted prices. They also bought mobile accessories such as holders, screen protectors, and USB cables.

Toys and stationeries brought in more sales which drive conversions to Publishers.

Shopee Thailand


Home & Living category drove the most sales because customers mostly bought minimalistic shelves for storage, convenient kitchen appliances, and materials for DIY home projects such as potting their plants.

Customers preferred to buy makeup and skincare items at branded stores on Shopee. Maybelline, Garnier, Naturista, Plantnery and La Roche-Posay are some of the stores they shopped at.

Stationeries for art projects and journaling drove the most sales in the Toys & Hobbies category.

Customers bought accessories – mobile phone holders, laptop stands, cases and screen protectors – for their electronic devices.

Women enjoyed shopping for stylish tops for formal and casual occasions at home and when they are on the go.

Shopee Singapore


Storages and humidifiers brought in the most conversions from the Home & Living category on Shopee.

Customers mostly bought USB cables, screen protectors and holders for their mobile devices.

COSRX, SOMEBYMI, Perfect Diary and The Ordinary are the most popular makeup and skincare products in Health & Beauty category.

Bras, underwear and socks converted the most sales from the Women’s Fashion category while crystals and Pop It Rainbow are the best-selling products in Toys & Hobbies.


In all five countries, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Women’s Fashion and Toys & Hobbies are the most popular categories where customers do online shopping on Shopee. They are willing to spend great quality products which is value for money and fulfilling their desired needs.

By looking at the followers’ preferences for certain products, Publishers will be able to execute in creating exciting and useful content for followers. Highlighting best-selling products on their content will drive sales and conversions on Shopee’s e-commerce platform.

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