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Lazada Malaysia's Situation

Lazada is one of Malaysia’s top e-commerce platforms. Still, competition in the e-commerce space is increasingly fierce by the month.

Lazada partnered with Involve Asia to increase their online sales through affiliate marketing from Influencers & popular Content Creators.

Involve’s main objectives are:

  • Brand Awareness: Get influential people to recommend buying products on the Lazada platform.
  • Grow Lazada’s e-commerce Sales: through Influencers and KOLs content marketing initiatives.


Involve's Solution

Involve set up an affiliate offer specifically targeting KOL & Influencers.

Affiliate Partner Matching

Involve matched Lazada’s affiliate Offers to highly relevant Influencers & Content Creators within the Involve Partner network.

The best-performing Affiliate Partners got exclusive Lazada shopping codes, which boosted their conversions to 90% more than usual.

Involve then accurately track all the clicks & sale conversions.

Ensuring a Successful Campaign

  • Involve compiled the top-selling items on Lazada to the Partners in advance, giving them enough time to create promotional content. 
  • Involve launched marketing campaigns with Lazada (e.g., 7.7, 8.8, Chinese New Year & Ramadhan).
  • The Involve Partner managers played an active role in getting the Partners to promote Lazada’s Offers actively. 


The Outcome

Performance Tracking

Through Involve’s tracking data, we can see valuable conversion information for products sold on Lazada:

  • Which products are in high demand?
  • Which product category has the highest sales?
  • Which website or Influencer converted the best?

We then use this information as a case study & feed the information back to new Partners who want to learn how to earn like the pros.

Involve Delivering Results

Through our Influencer and KOL activation initiative, we successfully increased Lazada’s E-commerce sales by 4.9x and an average of 14x ROAS. 

In addition, affiliate Partner participation and growth opportunities increased to 4x within a year.

% of Lazada Malaysia Performance from KOL and Influencers
BEFORE: July 2020
AFTER: July 2021



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“Involve Asia has been a foundational partner to Lazada Malaysia’s Affiliate Program. Through Involve Asia, Lazada has been able to unlock new markets & Publishers, particularly KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and compound the popularity of our Affiliate Program at a comfortable ROI. With its dedicated team to manage accounts from all levels, Involve Asia has made it seamless to grow and groom new businesses that are emerging in the market.”

Lazada Malaysia

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