Art Mai Gallery Hotel (TH)

Merchant Description

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Get ready to be inspired and bring your artistic side out to play! Art Mai Gallery by Compass Hospitality is an ‘Eight Story Masterpiece’ inspired and dedicated to well-known Thai contemporary artist. Nestled within downtown Chiangmai, a home to culturally rich landmarks, Buddhist temples and work of arts dating back as far as 14th century, this city is indeed an eye-catching testament owing to its rich Lanna Background. Art Mai Gallery itself exudes a vibrant and sophisticated style, and has the ability to captivate and leaves a lasting impression, featuring the special style of art that continues to inspire artistic side of any type of artist.

Each of the seven floors was designed by a different contemporary Thai artist working within a certain theme or genre, hence catering to any type of artist.  Hotel Guests will find Romantic Art on 8th Floor, Impressionist Art on 7th, Surrealist Art on 6th, Abstract Art on 5th, Pop Art on 4th, Op Art on 3rd and Nude Art 2nd Floor. Nude Art is not as racy as its sounds but due to its seductively outfitted artwork, it’s an adult-only zone. Hotel guests are also invited to check out the modern art gallery on ground floor which displays the original artworks of renowned contemporary Thai artists like Thanachai Ujjin (“Pod Modern Dog” founder). Art Mai Gallery Hotel is completely committed to presenting itself as an epitome for ‘Artspiration’.

Offering rejuvenation for artists and vacationers alike, the hotel also features a fitness center and a rooftop pool where you will enjoy breathtaking views of skyline along with a ring of mountains surrounding Chiang Mai city. At the ground floor alongside the art gallery, is their authentic Thai restaurant, ‘Jarid’ you will find a great selection of fine wines and cocktail.

It’s not only the art that you can enjoy when you are at their hotel, but it’s near to perfect location on Nimmanhaemin road which gives easy access to explore this vibrant and culturally rich ancient city. Chiang Mai landmarks like Maya Shopping Centre, Think Park are just a few minutes walking distance from their hotel. Along the main road, convenience stores, coffee bars, local dessert house & night clubs also can be easily found.