Earn From Your Recommendations! Here are 3 Ways to Do a Convincing Review

According to Trustpilot, 89% of online consumers look at product reviews before they make decisions on purchasing them.

Do you know that you can earn by recommending your favourite products to your online audiences?

The best part is you don’t have to hold product stock or anything.

Simply create a review of a product & insert your Involve affiliate link as your call to action. 

In this article, I will share 3 different product review types that you can do right away!

In-Depth Product Review

The easiest to start with these types of reviews is to pick a product that you love to use & want to recommend to a friend.

Write an in-depth review of the product that meets your followers’ problems and solutions.

Share your experiences with the product while laying out the pros and cons of the product.

Include visual proofs (such as images and videos) to support your views.

Lifestyle influencer Asyiqin Roslee wrote a blog review about ViViwhite Pearl Extract Hydra Brightening Cream


She mentions the product’s key ingredients with benefits for the skin and shares her views on using the product such as its usage and texture.


She includes an image of herself to show a comparison between before and after using the product.

YouTuber Tan Hock Xi made an unboxing and product review video for Redmi Note 11 (128GB + 8GB (RAM))


He introduces the features of Redmi Note 11 followed by its performance and specs.

He demonstrates his experience of using this phone and shares his thoughts such as LED display, memory card space, dual speakers, fast charging, camera and user-friendly interface which are suitable for daily use, streaming videos and gaming.


He shares screenshots of phone settings that provide an overview of Redmi Note 11 features.

At the end of the video, he gives his overall review of the phone in terms of usage and whether its value of money for a budget of RM800.

Product Comparison Review

Product comparison reviews are great for people who are in the early stages of their product research.

They want to hear someone explain the differences between different products before making a buying decision.

A very informative way to show product comparison data is via a comparison chart.

Comparison charts include product technical details, features, benefits, problems and alternative solutions.

This type of product review is suitable for Tech & Gadget and Home & Living but you could also use this approach for other categories as well.

Helmi from Balkoni Hijau was in the market to buy a new laptop to edit 4K videos. He narrowed it down to 3 laptop choices. With the help of a comparison table, he made the decision to buy the M1 MacBook.

These types of tables will surely help other people in the market for a 4K video editing laptop to make a decision:


He includes a comparison chart that includes M1 Macbook with Lenovo Legion 5 and Dell XPS 15 so that his readers can make comparisons based on the criteria in the table above before he shares the advantages and disadvantages of using M1 Macbook.

It is similar to the above but without the comparison chart.

You are listing down the recommended products that your followers should try based on the topic of interest, category or theme.

You probably have seen a couple of product reviews in listicle format such as:

  • 6 Best Budget Tablets in Malaysia 2022
  • 13 Malaysian Skincare Products Every Beauty Lover Should Know
  • 13 Best Air Fryers in Malaysia for a Healthier Lifestyle

These product reviews provide bite-sized information about each product, leaving various choices for your followers to compare and decide which product to buy.

Think about a catchy title with relatable keywords so your article appears on Google where your readers are looking for the specific types of products.

For inspiration, do some keyword research on what people are looking for by viewing ‘People also ask’ questions on Google.

Craft a unique angle on displaying your reviews about your selected products with key highlights that will grab your readers’ attention.

Here’s an example of how ProductNation wrote a listicle that suggests smartphones that Malaysian consumers should get in 2022.


The writer narrows down to the 13 best smartphones based on performance, specs and reason why it’s one of the top picks. He lists out the good & bad points about the phone and shares links which readers can purchase it at.


Also, he shares ways of choosing smartphone and comparison between Android and iOs.

Let’s have a look at another example – a skincare influencer reviewing products in a YouTube video.


Jan Angelo made an extensive review on Human Nature skincare products and recommend the top 10 best-selling products, including cleansers, toners and moisturiser.

He highlights each product in detail such as pricing and features of products. He also recommends which products are suitable for various skin types.

By writing honest and critical reviews about the products, your followers will most likely come back and engage more with your content due to its credibility. With continuous trust with your followers, your content will drive more sales and conversions.

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