Bus Online Ticket: Affiliate Program

The Bus Online Ticket is one of the most visited websites for purchasing the bus, train, and ferry tickets in Malaysia & Singapore.

As a Publisher with Involve Asia, you can promote tickets sold on www.busonlineticket.com and earn an affiliate commission for each sale!

Commission payouts vary from time to time, but this is the payout as of this writing:

Commission payout example:

Example Ticket Affiliate SaleCommission PayoutCommission Earned
MYR 1002.1%MYR 2.10
SGD 502.1%SGD 1.05

Example of commission payout with Involve

To make money promoting Bus Online Ticket’s products online, you must first register as an affiliate Publisher with Involve Asia.

Step 1: Sign Up with Involve Asia

Go to Involve Asia’s sign up page and fill in your details:

Involve Asia’s Publisher Sign Up Page

Next, click ‘Create Account,’ and you’ll receive an email confirmation from Involve Asia.

Allow 1 to 3 business days for us to verify and approve your sign up application.

Once you have your Involve Publisher account approved, log in to your dashboard and follow the steps to apply for the ‘Bus Online Ticket’ affiliate program:

Step 2: Apply for the ‘Bus Online Ticket’ Affiliate Program

In your Involve Asia dashboard’s search box, type in ‘Bus Online Ticket‘:

How to search for Bus Online Ticket on Involve Asia dashboard

Click on ‘Apply,’ and a pop-up window will appear. Fill out the form and hit ‘Save:’

Bus Online Ticket affiliate form on Involve Asia

Allow 1 to 3 business days for us to verify and approve your Offer application.

Start Promoting ‘Bus Online Ticket’ & Earn

Pretty easy! Now, all you have to do to get started is to sign up as a Publisher with Involve Asia. Click the button below:

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