How Car Accessories Brand Increased 2x Sales Growth Through Involve Partnership

Popular car accessories brand in Malaysia is pursuing more collaborations with Involve Partners who have niche & credible audiences.

Not only building relationships with Involve Partners, but Advertiser will also have a better understanding of new customers’ & existing customers’ lifestyle & preferences, which will help them to implement effective affiliate marketing strategies.

Here’s how this Advertiser collaborated with Involve Partners, which led to a 2x increase in 9 months.

Reaching Out to Partners

Involve Account Managers invited new & existing Partners to join the Advertiser’s affiliate program and promote Advertiser’s car accessories during peak & non-peak promotions.

Involve Partners with Premium membership were also provided with detailed information about Advertiser.

The selection for collaboration with existing Involve Partners (including Premium) is based on:

  • Engagement rate
  • Audience demographics
  • Earned clicks & conversions

Involve Partners received 7% commission when successful sales were made via their affiliate links.

About 65% of Active Partners promoting Advertiser are influencers and content creators.

Optimising Campaign Mechanics

Advertiser prepared and implemented effective campaigns based on Involve Partners’ promotions and their audiences’ journey in purchasing specific products.

Advertiser offered upsized commissions (up to 10%) to various Partners, which enticed them to actively recommend Advertiser’s car accessories to their audience.

Advertiser has two ongoing campaigns (focusing on their main products), which are ideal for Involve Partners to make product reviews and promotions about them.

Advertiser also gave storewide discounts and exclusive promo codes to grab their customers’ attention in purchasing car accessories within a limited time, leading to drive high order values & better conversion rates.

Delivering Information via Marketing Assets

Updates on Advertiser’s ongoing & upcoming campaigns were sent out to Involve Partners through the following marketing assets:

  • Pop-up
  • Dashboard banner
  • EDMs, including informing Partners about the upsized commission

During the Deal Bonus Bonanza (including 3.3 Sales & Payday), Involve Partners promoted Advertiser to earn up to RM,5855 bonus.

Giving Rewards to Top-Performing Partners

The selected top-performing Partners were offered to create product reviews about Advertiser’s car accessories.

These Partners explained Advertiser’s car accessories in detail, including how these products provide a better driving experience.

For example, Productnation provided tips & tricks on taking care of your car. The writer recommended Advertiser’s products with brief explanations of product features and affiliate links to Advertiser’s online stores.

Content creators like SoyaCincau compared current and past Advertiser’s car products. One of the SoyaCincau writers presented the pros & cons of car mats based on their product features.

In return, top-performing Partners received hampers (consisting of their car accessories) from Advertiser. 

Giving rewards encourages top-performing Partners to promote Advertiser’s car accessories and maintains strong relationships with them.

Increased 2x Sales Growth in 9 Months

From August 2021 to April 2022, the consistent communication with Involve Partners brought a 2x increase in sales growth.

Partners’ engaging content drove their audience to click on their affiliate links, contributing to a 2x increase in clicks to the Advertiser’s website with the highest conversion rate of 5%. The audience was also attracted to the storewide discount they used for purchasing car accessories.

With attractive upsized commissions, Partners actively promote Advertiser’s campaigns & car accessories, leading Advertiser to give a 4x increase of payout to Partners in 9 months.

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