Mordor Intelligence reported that the Southeast Asia gaming market is expected to grow from USD 14,766.14 million in 2023 to USD 14,903.98 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 0.19% in five years.

The increased purchasing power on features & game coins for mobile games and viewership on online platforms (such as Twitch and YouTube) are impacted by marketing & advertising strategies which generate more sales and revenue.

Let’s look at how Codashop implements their affiliate marketing strategies with Involve.


Drive brand awareness across Southeast Asia

Codashop specialises in providing a seamless purchase experience for buying game credits or vouchers in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Codashop aims to acquire new & existing gamers and app users across Southeast Asia.

Therefore, working together with Involve helps Codashop to:

  • Encourage Involve Partners to promote Codashop promotions for popular mobile games available on the website & app
  • Build customer loyalty with new & existing users
  • Increase customer stickiness on the Codashop website & app


Collaboration with Involve Partners

Involve recommended the top-performing Involve Partners, from influencers to ad networks, based on their niche audience.

Promotional emails were also sent to Involve Partners, who are encouraged to promote Codashop products and promotions on their platforms.

Involve Partners selected top mobile games with exclusive promotions that entice audiences to purchase game coins or vouchers through their affiliate links.

In certain months, Codashop gave Involve Partners the opportunity to earn more commissions with bonus payouts when they hit a certain number of New Users and gross market value (GMV)  through their unique tracking affiliate links.

This approach gets Involve Partners actively participating in driving new users to the Codashop website & app, leading to increased traffic, engagement, and sales.

Involve’s extensive communications to various channels

Involve shared Codashop’s ongoing promotions that entice new & existing users to make purchases by sending promotional emails to targeted Involve Partners:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales
  • Promo codes for selected games

Banners & pop-ups were displayed on the Involve Dashboard.

Allocating budget for paid placements

Codashop placed part of its marketing budget for selected Involve Partners’ paid placements to build wider reach to new users online, including website, search, and social media platforms.

Based on Codashop’s requirements, selected Involve Partners consistently deliver updates about Codashop promotions with various ads (including banners and native ads) to its target audience based on specific demographics (primarily gamers) and across Southeast Asia.

Running paid placements drove better exposure, higher engagement and website & app traffic, and increased customer retention.

Results – Increased sales from new & existing Codashop users

In 12 months, the total number of Involve Partners promoting Codashop increased by 26%, leading to a high conversion rate of 53% with a 2.6x increase in conversions and a 4.9x increase in sales.

Codashop’s increased revenue by 6.2x contributed to its marketing budget for paid placements.

With optimised promotions based on gaming users’ behaviour and Involve Partners’ promotions, Codashop garnered a 38% increase in the total of new users, giving Codashop the opportunity to continue collaborating with a broader pool of Involve Partners and tapping into new markets across Southeast Asia.

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