Hop Into Earning Lunar New Year Affiliate Commissions

Lunar New Year is coming in a few weeks! It’s the best time to promote awesome deals from your favourite brands before the big celebration arrives.

According to Marketing Interactive, a massive increase of new online shoppers (close to 94%) purchase essentials and gifts while looking for valuable deals during the Lunar New Year period in 2021.

Let’s have a look at the performance of product categories in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Lunar New Year Insights 2022

Across six countries in Southeast Asia, Involve Partners drove the most conversions & sales between 31 January and 2 February 2022.

Lunar New Year Performance (30 January 2022 – 2 February 2022)

That year, 1 February was the first day of the Lunar New Year, while the double-date sales happened on 2 February, which boosted performance on those peak days.

Women’s Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Living, Electronics, and Toys & Hobbies drove the most conversions throughout the Lunar New Year period, from pre-promotion to peak days, at popular marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada.

Electronics contributed the highest sales total, followed by the above top-performing product categories.

Here are the tips & tricks on how to create content & promote your favourite brands to boost your affiliate marketing performance for Lunar New Year.

Tips & Tricks for Running Lunar New Year Promotions

  1. Create educational & seasonal content
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Think about Lunar New Year-focused content that provides solutions to your audience’s problems and needs.

It needs to be timely, relevant, and entertaining for them to purchase your recommendations at brands’ stores via your affiliate links.

Look at the relevant trends and top hashtags your audience is talking about on social media and search for them on Google.

These findings will help you work around how you create your Lunar New Year content.

Here are content examples you can create for Lunar New Year:

  • 8 Popular Lunar New Year Snacks to Munch On
  • 5 Delicious Homemade Dishes to Cook & Impress Your Friends & Family
  • 10 Lunar New Year Gifts to Send to Your Loved Ones
  • 5 Ideas to Decorate Your House for Lunar New Year
  • 7 Must-have Items for “Go Back Hometown” Road Trip

Your seasonal content will bring new & existing audiences who want to learn about Lunar New Year & reconnect with their traditions.

More engagement with your unique seasonal content brings more traffic and conversions throughout the Lunar New Year period.

  1. Themed products for your target audience
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Suggest your recommended products based on your audience’s preferences for Lunar New Year.

Feature specific products for various audiences to widen your reach, from last-minute shopping for Lunar New Year outfits to delectable snacks for your guests.

Think about the keywords related to your audience’s intent when selecting the products you recommend on your content.

Based on the Lunar New Year 2022 performance, you can start by promoting these products by category.

Women’s FashionLong sleeve blouse, Polo T-shirt, Slippers & High Heels, Jewellery, Cheongsam 
Health & BeautyLip Tint, Medical Face Mask, Essence Face Sheet Mask, Skincare Set
Home & LivingBed sheets & pillowcases, mugs, plates, multipurpose cooker, cordless vacuum
ElectronicsPowerbank, professional game consoles, wireless earphones, mobile phones, smartwatches
Toys & HobbiesYear of the Rabbit plush dolls, red envelopes, board games, greeting cards, lanterns 
GroceriesPackaged drinks, dried meat (bakkwa), luncheon meat, assorted nuts, instant noodles

Curating products for your audience will drive more engagement and conversions because they find your content easy to read & useful for them to make purchase decisions.

Make it clear and concise on how useful and affordable the products that provide memorable experiences for your audience on the Lunar New Year.

  1. Highlight unique selling points

Straight to the point, talk about the brands’ products and promotions that touch your audience’s pain points & needs.

Explain the effectiveness of products that draw your audience to learn more about them and purchase via your affiliate links.

Attractive discounts, cashback and promo codes with a FOMO (fear of missing out) vibe gets your audience to purchase your recommendations at affordable prices before the end of the promotion.

Let’s say you are featuring Shopee’s ongoing Chinese New Year campaign for your audience in Malaysia.

Here are some of the unique selling points that new & existing customers should not miss out on for Shopee’s Chinese New Year Sale:

  • Huat Huat Vouchers – 88% Off
  • CNY Must Haves – Up to 88% Off
  • Win RM8,000 Angpow
  • Huat Huat Deals – Up to 80% Off
  • 30% Daily Brand Discounts
  • Up to 25% Coins Cashback
  • Up to 3x RM120 Rebat during the Huat Hours (8pm – 12am)
  • Exclusive Shopee Live Free Shipping Vouchers

When recommending products on your content, view the product pages to find further information and select key points that will catch your audience’s attention as they look for essentials for Lunar New Year.

For example, you suggest your audience to buy Signature Market Auspicious Happiness CNY Gift Box (8 Items) as snacks for guests doing house visits during Lunar New Year.

Let your audience know that this gift box has a vast array of healthy snacks in the gift box, which is wallet-friendly for customers looking for affordable gifts.

By outlining the strengths and benefits that fit your audience’s preferences, they will most likely click on your affiliate link to buy the product at the brand’s website.

  1. Run live-streaming sessions
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Instead of just posting pictures and videos of your promotional Lunar New Year content, live streaming sessions let your audience see the real you and connect with you closer.

Through live streaming, you can interact with online shoppers by sharing tips & tricks and reviews of the products you recommend to shop for the Lunar New Year. You can also answer online shoppers’ questions regarding your suggested products.

In addition, active participants watching your live stream will get exclusive benefits such as promo vouchers and free shipping.

We have a detailed guide on how you can boost your sales & conversions by doing live streaming.

If you are a shopping content creator, have a live stream session to show your Lunar New Year haul that you did at Shopee. To build engagement, you need to:

  • Explain your experience using the products
  • Provide your thoughts & reasons why online shoppers should get these products
  • Interact with the audience & make them feel like they’re there with you
  • End your live streaming by highlighting the giveaway

Keep the session with your audience fun & engaging.

  1. Create a timeline for your content
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Design a calendar that lets you plan and publish your content before the big day arrives.

Publishing your Lunar New Year content at the right time builds traffic to the brand’s website, leading to more sales and conversions.

Encourage your audience to be prepared to shop for items during the peak Lunar New Year sales, such as asking them to grab exclusive vouchers and add items to their carts.

Here are some examples of promotional captions you can use for your Lunar New Year content:

Topic & DateCaption
Teaser – 18 JanuaryLunar New Year is coming in 5 days! Check out these fantastic deals you don’t want to miss while doing your last-minute errands for Lunar New Year, from getting your outfits to stocking up your pantry with snacks.
Women’s Fashion – 19 JanuaryLooking for the trendiest and most affordable Lunar New Year outfit for friends & family reunions? Here is a wide range of blouses, dresses, pants, and cheongsams with amazing discounts.
Groceries – 20 JanuaryStock up your pantry and fill your coffee table with various delectable & healthy snacks for your guests to savour. Exclusive discount vouchers for these snacks are up for grabs!
Electronics – 21 JanuaryEnjoy up to 88% Off on best-selling tech gadgets to fill your boredom during the Lunar New Year, especially when you are stuck in traffic as you make your way back to your hometown.
Last Day – 22 JanuaryHappy Lunar New Year! Grab your must-have items with amazing discounts, cashback, and free shipping from these top-selling brands NOW before the sales end.

Don’t forget to include daily promotions so your audience will come back for updates on the Lunar New Year sales.

Discover the top-selling brands’ Lunar New Year promotions at our Weekly Promotions below.

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