[Case Study]: How Our Publishers Earned USD 1800+ During Past MAD Events

Hello and welcome to the last month of 2020, where Involve will be launching the Mega Affiliate Days (MAD) 12.12 event.

In this article, you’ll get to know:

  1. What is the Mega Affiliate Days (MAD)?
  2. How can you create content that gets clicks just like the top Publishers?
  3. How to register for the upcoming MAD 12.12 event?

Let’s get started:

What is the Mega Affiliate Days (MAD)?

The Mega Affiliate Days (MAD) is a week-long event hosted monthly by Involve. During the MAD event, Publishers who are registered with Involve can promote special Offers and Campaigns where they can earn more than usual from 3 Campaign types:

  • Bonus commissions just for getting unique clicks (CPUC)
  • Boosted commissions for a successful sale (CPS)
  • Combo for both (CPUC + CPS)

Some of our Publishers earned around USD 1,800+ during our previous MAD events. Ever wondered what exactly did our top Publishers do that earned them a lot of money during previous MAD events? Let’s take a look at a short case study:

How to Create Money-Making Content -Tested Formula

CONTENT IS KING: Ultimately, you want people to click on your Affiliate links, and hopefully buys whatever you’re promoting, so you can get a cut in Affiliate commission. The simplified process will look like this:

  1. Create useful content that your audience will love
  2. Tastefully insert your Affiliate links into your content
  3. Promote and share your content as much as possible

[Website or Blog]: Content That Makes You Money

Let’s dive into a few real-life examples on the content type that get clicks on your website or blog:

Listicle Type Articles

One of the best content to insert as many Affiliate links as possible is the listicle type article. In this example, Productnation Indonesia wants to promote as many pharmaceutical products from Bayer Indonesia as possible:

Besides a review article where you typically are promoting 1 product, a listicle-type article will allow you to place Affiliate links for multiple products in 1 article. So if you don’t have enough listicle articles or have none yet, it’s a great time to start!

Review or Announcement Type Article

The next content type encourages people to register as a Publisher with Involve Asia. The Publisher will earn for each sign up through their Affiliate link. Here’s an example of a press release type article announcing the upcoming MAD event:

If one of their readers clicks on one of these links and register as a Publisher with Involve, the website earns a referral commission for each sign-up. Nice! If you want to promote your followers to register as a Publisher with Involve, and earn for each signup, click here.

But what if you don’t have time to create quality content? Not to worry, let’s move on to the next method you can promote MAD Offers:

Banner or Coupon Sharing

In this coupon website example, the Publisher compiles the best deals and coupons from the internet in one convenient website for their online readers and followers:

Sharing coupons and ready-made banners on your website is a great way for you to promote MAD Offers and Campaigns without spending resources on creating content.

Now let’s move on to one of the trendiest online content-type: video.

[YouTube]: Create Content That Makes You Money

Product review and tutorial videos work really well on YouTube. In the next example, a Philipino Publisher has a YouTube channel where he promotes skincare products. Check out how he places his Affiliate links in the description of his YouTube video:

Video content is all the rage now, but shooting, presenting, and editing videos are a whole new ballgame that requires some talent and skill.

[Social Media]: Create Content That Makes You Money

Without a website or the time to create written articles or videos, the other way to promote MAD is by sharing CPUC Campaigns that usually comes with ready-made banners on your social media profile.

Let’s take a look at 2 examples, 1 from Facebook, and the other on Twitter:

Facebook posts work really well and are very popular with our Publishers. The next example is showing the same concept, delivered through Twitter:

Start Making Extra During MAD

We have shown you the content type that generated a lot of money for our top Publishers during previous MAD events. All you need to do now is to:

  1. Register as a Publisher with Involve by clicking here (if you haven’t already).
  2. Register for the MAD event (we’ll let you know when the next one comes).
  3. Create content using the examples in this case study.
  4. Generate and insert your link into your content.
  5. Promote & profit!

It’s that easy! For more information about the MAD event, click on the button below:

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