Eat Cheaper & Healthier at Home With These 5 Cooking Accounts

Working from home is tough. You’re always at home with your family, and all those mouths need to be fed. 

Ordering out every day? That’s not financially smart nor healthy. Are you getting inspired to cook by Gordon Ramsay’s cooking video? Where are you going to get these exotic Western ingredients?

So in this article, I have compiled 5 Malaysian-based practical cooking Instagram & YouTube profiles to help you eat healthier and cheaper during this MCO 2.0:

1. Instagram: @khairulaming

What’s unique about khairulaming?

  • Relatable – Common recipes that Malaysians want
  • Western recipes that Malaysians can get themselves from the local supermarkets

2. YouTube: Sugu Pavithra

What’s unique about Sugu Pavithra?

  • Lovable personality
  • Delicious Indian recipes made in the Malay language+
  • Her humble beginnings are a strong story to woo viewers

3. YouTube: Buat Orang Lapo

What’s unique about Buat Orang Lapo?

  • The go-to channel to learn how to make Malaysian desserts at home
  • Crystal clear videos with great music
  • No talking, straight to the point, quality content

4. YouTube: Che Nom

What’s unique about Che Nom?

  • Crystal clear videos of family-style, home recipes
  • Perfect balance between informative and entertaining
  • Lovely, motherly persona

5. YouTube: Seminit Resipi

What’s unique about Seminit Resipi?

  • Straight forward tutorial-style videos
  • One of the go-to channels for making desserts that Malaysians can relate

I hope this list has been useful for your lockdown survival. If you want to know more info on the best office and gaming chairs for maximum productivity at home, click here: