What Can or Can’t You Promote with Involve?

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Did you know that every Offer has its own allowed promotion methods?

If you are identified to be in violation of these allowed methods of promotion, we have the right to block your account and/or forfeit all of your commissions without prior notice.

Here’s how you can check the allowed promotion methods before promoting the Offers accordingly.

View ‘Promotion Methods’ on the Offer Page

Go to the Offer Page you want to promote.

Example of an Offer Page

Scroll down to look for ‘Promotion Methods’ where you will find various methods of promoting Offers on your content.

Types of Promotion Methods

The ‘available’ promotion methods mean that you can promote through these approaches, such as coupon & discount codes, display banners and social media platforms.

For example, Malaysia Promotions MY creates a social media post to promote Lazada Beauty Pavilion and includes the following:

  • Short description of the campaign
  • A compilation image of banner and vouchers
  • CTA (Call-To-Action) with affiliate link that takes followers to Lazada’s official website

You are not allowed to use the ‘not available’ methods and promote misleading products, including adult/pornographic and gambling.

Here’s an example of how you should not promote your content.

The Publisher shares an affiliate link with misleading content and inappropriate video. There are 3 violations here: 

  1. Misleading text: The text says to ‘Watch the full video here’ along with their affiliate link. This is misleading as users are being asked to watch the video, but are sent to Lazada’s website instead. 
  2. Misleading image: The Lazada banner image has a link that takes users to like their Facebook page instead of taking them to Lazada’s website. 
  3. Inappropriate video: The first section of this carousel post is a pornographic video. This is an immediate violation of Involve Asia’s terms which disallows any promotion method that is pornographic or sexually suggestive.

All these will result in an immediate ban in promoting Advertisers from Involve Asia.

Another type of common disallowed promotion method is brand bidding. Brand bidding is the practice of bidding on branded terms or branded keywords of a third party, in most cases will be the Advertiser they are affiliated with. This way, your ads appear when that brand name is entered as a search term.

Find out more about brand bidding and examples of this promotion method here.

Read ‘Terms & Conditions’

We recommend reading the Advertiser’s terms and conditions to familiarise with and follow the guidelines.

This is to ensure that you are not breaching any promotion methods in your content.

Now you know what to and what not to promote in various methods on your content! Head on over to your Dashboard to find out about Advertisers’ preferred promotion methods before you start promoting them.

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