How To Use Involve In Affiliate Marketing

How to Use Involve to Promote Your Favorite Products

Have a product that you see online that you want to promote? Easy, register as a Publisher with Involve and log into your dashboard to generate your affiliate link for that product.

Involve makes it easy for Publishers (Content Creators & Influencers) to create your affiliate links for your favourite brands in one convenient dashboard. You can also customise the links to be able to track which marketing medium is doing well for you.

Here’s how to use Involve in your Affiliate Marketing journey.

Using Involve’s Dashboard

Knowing What is Best to Promote

On our user-friendly dashboard, you can find the latest ongoing promotional campaigns that are updated daily.

Besides ongoing campaigns, our dashboard also feeds you with ready-made attention-grabbing banners to be placed on your website or as a social media post, increasing your chances of your viewers click on your Involve affiliate links.

Knowing What is Working for You through Analytics

Our comprehensive performance and conversion report provides you with powerful insights into which marketing efforts and products convert the best sales for you, so you can focus more on what works.

For more info on how to use our dashboard, read our article here.

Fast, Transparent & Convenient Payment

Industry standards for affiliate earnings withdrawal is a minimum of approximately 3 months after conversions. 

We know that this is too long for some Publishers, so we provide payment solutions to shorten the time of conversions to when you can withdraw that money from 90 days to approximately 15 days through our Express Withdrawal payment feature.

Learn more about Express Withdrawal here.

You can withdraw your affiliate earnings in your preferred currency to your local bank account or to your PayPal account.

Training & Support from Involve

We are constantly helping our Publishers to perform better in Affiliate Marketing. The moment you register as a Publisher, you’ll receive a series of helpful educational emails to help you get started in earning your first affiliate commission as soon as possible!

Most of our new Publishers earn their first affiliate commissions within 6 days thanks to our educational emails.

Besides the onboarding emails, we constantly release helpful blog posts on the latest tips and tricks and host webinars for anyone who would like to ask our speakers for any questions.

Our content on our blog and emails should be enough for you to get started in earning affiliate commissions. 

As soon as you hit a certain threshold, you’ll be assigned with a Publisher manager where you can gain early access to the best offers that usually have a budget cap. This will open up, even more, earning opportunities for you!

Now you know how Involve can help you earn money in Affiliate Marketing, it’s time to kickstart your journey by signing up as a Publisher!

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