How To Join Bukalapak (Indonesia) Affiliate Program

Source: Wikimedia

Bukalapak is Indonesia’s top 5 largest e-marketplace platform for consumer products.
If you are an Influencer, Content Creator, or Publisher with a strong Indonesian audience, you can now earn money by promoting products on Bukalapak to your followers. This article will walk you through a 3 process to apply for the Bukalapak Affiliate Program.

Step 1: Register as a Publisher With Involve

The first order of business is to register as a Publisher at Involve. If you already have a Publisher account with us, skip to step 2.
If you don’t have a Publisher account with us yet, register here.

Step 2: Apply for Bukalapak Affiliate Program

Once you have a Publisher account, the next thing to do is generate Affiliate links for Bukalapak products. To do so, follow the steps below:
1. Login to your Publisher account and you will see your dashboard as illustrated below. On the top menu of your dashboard, click ‘Partner’ and select ‘Advertiser Directory’ from the drop-down. This will show you all the available brands for you to promote to your audience. In order to promote Bukalapak specifically, follow the next step:

2. Type ‘Bukalapak’ in the search bar and make sure you have selected Indonesia in the Country search bar. Click on Bukalapak- CPS (ID).
Cost-per-sale (CPS) is the common term in affiliate marketing. It means Publishers only receive commission with successful tracked sales made by consumers. However, CPS also goes by another name: Pay-per-sale. Both still bring the same context.

3. A pop-up with a description of Bukalapak’s Affiliate program will appear. For more information you can Go to the Offer Page. If you’re ready to run the offer, click on Generate link to start generating links for Bukalapak’s products.

Step 3: Start Promoting & Earning

Now you have generated a unique Affiliate link for Bukalapak; you can start promoting your link to your audience and earn a commission for a successful sale!
Click below to login to your Publisher dashboard and find Bukalapak’s Affiliate program:
Login To Your Dashboard