Collaboration Of Lazada & Involve: Sell More On Online Marketplace

The two online giants, Lazada and Involve, have joined forces to help marketplace store owners (e.g LazMall)  get more visitors to their stores through the newly launched Marketplace Affiliate Program (MAP).

MAP channels visitors from outside the marketplace platforms (external traffic) directly to participating marketplace stores.

Involve’s network of quality Publishers includes top mainstream websites and media owners across South East Asia. Super Affiliates like coupons and cashback sites can drive hundreds of million visitors to any advertiser or brand store.

Stiff Competition On Online Marketplaces

If there were companies that still haven’t embraced the digital movement, the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has pushed most of the remaining non-believers online.

That’s both good and bad news for online marketplace sellers as the increase in appetite for consumers to shop online is good for business.

But as more sellers flood the online marketplace, this also means more online competition.

In-Marketplace Traffic Booster

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Marketplace stores offer a few in-house solutions to boost traffic to individual stores, such as bidding for:

1. Sponsored Search
2. Paid Ads

But these in house solutions have limitations that hamper the scale of your online store business.

Limitation Of In-Marketplace Traffic Boosters

The marketplace’s internal traffic ultimately constrains the scalability of In-marketplace traffic boosters.

The only way to truly scale your marketplace store is to unlock and drive prospects from external sources.

Online Marketplace stores that participate in MAP have access to 50,000+ quality external Publishers that drive their audiences directly to their store.

Win-Win For Marketplace Sellers & Lazada

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For Brands: The benefits of MAP for brands are apparent. Brands get more defined traffic to your marketplace store, increasing the chances of a sale.

For Lazada: Lazada could increase their overall traffic on its platform and potentially convert those into more sales.

A total win-win situation for everyone.

To Learn More About MAP

To learn more and understand how the Marketplace Affiliate Program (MAP) can bring more external prospects to your marketplace stores, click here.

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