According to Malaysia Market Research, Malaysia’s online food delivery sector is valued at USD$192 million with 6.2 million customers. This market is predicted to grow by over 18% yearly and is expected to reach USD$370 million by 2024.

The habit of placing orders and deliveries via mobile apps has become a norm among customers due to the growth of the digital economy since the pandemic which helped plenty of local F&B businesses. Thus, it is critical for F&B industries to implement strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Let’s have a look at how the Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand builds its business growth with affiliate marketing through Involve Asia.


Increase customer stickiness on website and mobile app

The Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand continues to find solutions to drive customers to frequently purchase online orders and deliveries via its site and app.

The brand joined Involve Asia to fulfil its following objectives:

  • Build brand loyalty with new & existing customers
  • Increase Involve Partners’ engagement in promoting local F&B businesses listed on its website & app
  • Optimise and grow sales & revenue in the Malaysian market


Building brand awareness

Involve’s sales & marketing team implemented a brand awareness strategy after the launch of Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand’s affiliate program.

On the Offer Page, the brand provided detailed information about its brand, commission structure, promotion methods, terms & conditions, and available tools for Involve Partners, which helped them to promote and earn commissions efficiently.

The following strategies were initiated to drive traffic and sales to its website and app:

Sending out Involve Asia’s extensive communication reach on various channels

Involve released various forms of marketing collaterals in every touchpoint to inform Involve Partners about the Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand’s affiliate program:

  • Promotional emails
  • Dashboard banner
  • Popup
  • Facebook & Instagram – Stories & Posts

Based on Involve Asia’s data, these marketing collaterals were sent to Involve Partners with traffic in Malaysia and specialising in F&B, groceries, and shopping.

The dashboard banner and popup for the brand appeared after logging in to Involve dashboard.

Communications with Involve Partners via emails, Involve dashboard, and social media drove an increase in generating affiliate links to promote the brand on various platforms for their target audiences.

Encouraging content creators and influencers

Affiliate Partners get updates from Involve via direct messages and emails:

  • Support how Involve Partners can monetise their content by promoting Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand with attractive deals
  • Recommend F&B businesses and items
  • Share promo codes

In their promotions, content creators & influencers included the key points that entice their audience to click on the Involve affiliate links and make orders via Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand:

  • Exclusive promo codes to enjoy discounts
  • A compilation image displaying promo codes
  • Recommended food & beverages to try from local businesses
  • Encourage audience to download the app

Involve Partners will earn commissions each time customers make online orders & deliveries on its website and mobile app via Involve affiliate links.

Results – Increased sales made via Involve Partners’ recommendations

From March 2023 to May 2023, Involve Partners’ promotions drove a 7x increase in total clicks to Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand’s platform on desktop and mobile app with a 2x increase in total conversions, leading to a high conversion rate of 22%.

Content creators and influencers contributed to the increased performance for the past three months.

The increased participation in promoting the brand garnered a 2x increase in sales, which led the Malaysian food & beverage delivery brand to give 2x more payout to Involve Partners.

The consistent approach in bringing the brand to Involve Partners and their audience online with attractive deals and promo codes builds stronger brand loyalty and customer stickiness.

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