Malaysia’s Leading Trusted Pharmacy – Sales Increased 27% Through Collaboration with Involve

Since early 2020, pharmacies have pivoted their strategies to go online in the competitive e-commerce marketplaces due to the constraints of customers buying necessities at physical stores.

Malaysia’s leading trusted pharmacy took this opportunity to collaborate with Involve to fulfil the following affiliate marketing objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness to new and existing customers
  • Increase e-commerce sales on its e-commerce website
  • Boost participation in promoting the brand via affiliate Partners

Here’s how this brand sets up its affiliate program at Involve and optimises its strategies with exclusive promotions.

27% Increase in Sales in 3 Months

Since the brand’s affiliate program launched at Involve in September 2022, Partners picked up promoting exclusive promotions, which drove a 27% increase in sales with a 16% conversion rate.

More than 80 Partners participated in promoting products & promotions. For three months, each Partner generated an average of 3 affiliate links and included them in their content.

At the launch of its affiliate program, more than 500 people went to its official e-commerce platform and became new customers via Partners’ promotions.

Advertiser reached out to existing customers who came back to purchase health & beauty products online. As a result, close to a 500% increase in existing customers brought more sales & revenue.

Let’s look at how its performance boosted tremendously in three months.

New Offer Launch with Targeted Campaigns

Involve Partner earns a 2.8% commission each time customers make successful purchases at Advertiser’s e-commerce platform via Involve affiliate link.

Targeted campaigns were implemented to get Partners interested in featuring products & promotions on their content, leading to more sales.

In conjunction with the announcement of Malaysia’s leading trusted pharmacy joining as an Advertiser at Involve, the following communications were sent out to Partners.

  • EDM
  • Pop-up
  • Dashboard Banner

Advertiser kicked off with the ‘National Month’ promotion with unique selling points (up to 50% Off, free gift, and free shipping) and exclusive storewide vouchers. The brand stores at Malaysia’s leading trusted pharmacy online were recommended for Partners to promote and earn more commissions.

‘National Month Promotion’ continued with ‘Big Big E-Sales’ with the best discounts and offers on the target customers’ favourite health & beauty products, such as up to 70% Off, bundle deals, buy 1 get 1, free gift, vouchers, and free shipping.

Bonus Payouts During Fortune Festival

Advertiser joined as one of the participating brands for Involve’s Fortune Festival, running from October 2022 to December 2022.

Based on the Involve membership levels, Partners will get the following bonuses when they reach their monthly targets:

Membership TierTarget to achieve on selected OffersReward
Silver Tier10 clicks RM1 bonus payout per offer
3 conversions across selected offersUp to RM5 double bonus payout on approved conversions
Gold Tier & Above (Gold, Platinum, Black, Premium)Community target Double bonus payout on approved conversions

Those under the Gold & Above membership level collectively reach the Advertiser’s target in three months. Therefore, each Involve Partner received a maximum of RM20 double bonus payout each month.

Silver Partners earned up to RM6 after successfully reaching their target in promoting the Advertiser.

It is an excellent opportunity for the Advertiser to implement affiliate marketing strategies further as Involve Partners were keener with engaging campaigns and bonus commissions.  

Providing campaign mechanics, creative banners, promo codes, and bonus payouts drive Involve Partners to promote products & promotions actively.

Cashback and Loyalty Partners’ Promotions with Discount Codes

Cashback and loyalty Involve Partners picked up the exclusive storewide discount codes (including the “National Month” promotion) and featured them on their websites.

Audiences who purchase the Advertiser’s health & beauty products via Involve Partners’ cashback and loyalty websites will get cashback, using the discount codes provided.

For example, Raiz Rewards users will get a 1.96% cash bonus for total orders made at the Advertiser’s e-commerce platform. This cash bonus will be invested back into their Raiz account. It encourages users to shop more with discount codes and save more for their investments.

Shopback shares exclusive storewide promo codes with their audience so they can earn 2% cashback when they buy health & beauty products with discounts at the Advertiser’s e-commerce platform through Shopback.

Involve Partners actively featuring promotions with promo codes to increase higher order value and conversion rates due to customers’ preference in purchasing their essentials at affordable prices.

Therefore, exclusive promotions with unique selling points and promo codes are one of the ways to get potential Involve Partners to sign up with the Advertiser’s affiliate program and actively promote the brand, which boost a significant increase in performance within three months.

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