Media Terkini: Keep It Simple With Daily Product Recommendations

Media Terkini shares the best product recommendations to buy on its Facebook page, making life much easier.  

Nothing beats seeing people happy and satisfied after purchasing your recommendations. 

Media Terkini strives to help its followers find the best solutions to their everyday problems by recommending the right products.

When did Media Terkini get started?

Media Terkini Facebook page started in 2015, and they are very active on the platform, posting relevant content about current issues and trends.

Media Terkini only started monetising their platform with affiliate marketing at the end of 2022, where they see the possibility and opportunity to earn side income through recommending products online.

Not only that, Media Terkini also has other Facebook pages that they own, but as of now, they are only focusing on Media Terkini and another FB page called Media Asia.

One of the Media Terkini founders, Faizal, has been actively running the pages and is quite knowledgeable about affiliate marketing.

Media Terkini co-founder, Mr. Faizal

We have had the opportunity to interview him for insight into how he successfully manages Media Terkini and other Facebook pages that he and his partner own. Let’s keep reading to find out how!

Who is your target audience?

We don’t have a specific target audience. However, our followers love household items. So, we provide more household-related content, and if we see any cheap, convenient item, it solves a problem. That content will get a lot of engagement.

So we started in October last year. During the first month, we posted all sorts of content, such as fashion, ladies’ accessories, household items, and automotive. And from there, we analyse the engagement report and FB insight to see which content generates the highest engagement. From there, we know what the audience likes to see.

So the upcoming month, during November, we push the content we think our followers like and engage with, and we saw that the household category gets the highest engagement.

How did you build your audience & brand?

For content selection it’s all based on trial and error. For example, if we’re familiar with gadgets or tech products, our content must be related to that category.

We will always test out content selections. We don’t have any restrictions or guidelines on how to post our content. 

So when doing affiliate marketing with Involve, we did a lot of research on how to create content, what type of content people will click on, and the most important thing is the call-to-action (CTA). 

The price must also be affordable, trusted, easy to buy, and inexpensive. The rule when posting content is pretty simple – What problem do I want to solve? And is the price affordable?

Let’s say Product A can solve the problem, but it’s expensive, which will attract a lot of interaction, but our worry is about the conversion. Will this content get a lot of conversions if the product price is not affordable, aka expensive?

So that’s why it’s important to know your audience and always give what they want to see that will encourage them to purchase something through your recommendations.

How do you differ from your competitors when creating food & lifestyle content relevant to what your audiences like to see?

So Facebook has their algorithm and trend. We will know when we get the highest or lowest traffic. It’s like an open cheat code. We must understand human behaviour for the best traction.

We saw that people would play with their phones in the morning. Let’s say they will open their Facebook to see what’s new. So our criteria for posting something depends on the timing. 

Regardless of the timing, our posts will always be on our followers’ timelines. So we must ensure that my content fits the two questions we hang on to. 

We will always create our copywriting so that it will create an identity. Making sure that our lingo brings us closer to our followers by giving a straightforward statement is very important.

In order to put ourselves in the position of our audience, we will, therefore, always begin our content with the question, “What if.”

Occasionally, content that promotes a quality product will have a weak caption as a drawback.

Therefore, there won’t be a compelling reason for followers to read the details, and the content won’t receive a lot of engagement.

What attracted you to sign up as an Involve Partner?

We first discovered Involve Asia through one of the famous Malaysian YouTubers, Iman Kamil, who created content about his affiliate marketing experience with Involve Asia. 

He said it’s easy to earn money, you don’t have to pay anything beforehand, and you only need to share a link. 

Then, we only managed to sign up with Involve but didn’t start anything since we have our real job and work commitment to give our full attention to.

Not long after, he created another video about Involve, where he received a lot of commission while doing affiliate marketing, so we started to think, “If he could do it, why don’t we?”.

And we slowly started to post content related to a product that could fix people’s problems or product on-trend at that time.

What are your business strategies, and what do you plan to make this happen in the next 5 years?

We are still carefully considering using other social media, as we perceive a potential concern arising from Advertisers. There is a possibility that they might decrease the commission rate. 

While we hope to capitalise on various social media platforms for affiliate marketing, doing so will require teamwork, as doing so alone is impossible. 

However, we aim to leverage all social media platforms through affiliate marketing in the next 5 years. 

If there is a significant level of interest, we are willing to form a team to perform a thorough review on YouTube. 

This approach is more dependable, authentic, and impactful to attract more people to click on your affiliate link.

Will you encourage other content creators to use Involve Asia’s Affiliate Marketing program & what advice would you give them?

We would encourage other content creators to use Involve Asia’s affiliate marketing program because it is proven to boost income by only a click away. 

However, they should try it first because it is important to identify your audience’s preferences so that you can promote brands or products that they will find appealing. 

Additionally, since most people these days spend their time online, now is your chance to make some beneficial sharings for your audiences while also earning money.

We hope that helping others will improve our quality of life, generate the economy, and assist Involve in growing the business.

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