My Weekend Plan: Make Everyday Feel Like Saturday

My Weekend Plan is a website that helps people to live every day to be like the weekend, fill their weekends with good products, “sedap” food & fun experience recommendation.

My Weekend Plan’s goal is to provide more value and satisfaction to its audience by creating trustworthy articles & video reviews.

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My Weekend Plan started its brand two years ago, following Covid-19. They recognise that despite the abundance of products on the market, there is a scarcity of reviews & recommendations available. 

To address this gap, My Weekend Plan aspire to become one of the primary platforms people visit before buying any product. Customers can make well-informed purchasing decisions by spending just two minutes reading their product reviews.

Let’s look at some of these questions so that you, too, can be as successful as My Weekend Plan in terms of creating content & making a side income with Affiliate Marketing.

Source: My Weekend Plan

Who is your target audience?

People who want to improve their quality of life are our target audience. So they’re between 25 and 30, meaning they’re a working adult.

We wanted to be on the buyer’s radar as they searched for products and encountered our website, where we could help them make a wise buying decision.

They can also save time by shopping online instead of going to physical stores.

How did you build your audience & brand?

Our primary focus remains the website, where most of us are working on articles that aim to provide more value to our audiences and ensure they get what they want when comparing products on our website.

For social media, it’s more about sharing experiences & we mostly create food videos for that one. For Ramadhan, for example, we shoot at various bazaar locations that you can visit. So, for the time being, we’re still focusing on food. So, in the coming quarter, we will focus more on how this product benefits you, which leads back to our website.

We’ll make sure to publish about 3 – 5 pieces of content per day to let our audience know that we’re active in providing the latest content to our online audience. Our team creates content and keeps track of what is trending, happening, and required.

How do you differ from your competitors when creating food & lifestyle content relevant to what your audiences like to see?

Our primary goal is to help people live better lives. So we’ll ensure that we thoroughly review the product by imagining whether or not our target audiences have previously used it. So we’ll use it, evaluate it, and share our thoughts. 

Quality comes before quantity for us. Therefore, my Weekend Plan initially only concentrates on what activities are available over the weekend, and our target audiences can be very diverse. 

Thus, at this time, we focus more on those who desire a better lifestyle. That is how we differ from our competitors, as we are authentic in our content.

What attracted you to sign up as an Involve Partner? 

We discovered that Involve gathers every brand we’re familiar with, saving a tonne of time.

With the time we saved, my team can concentrate on our core strengths & other areas where we feel comfortable collaborating. I definitely will recommend Involve Asia to other content creators!

What challenges did you face while running your business through affiliate marketing?

Source: My Weekend Plan

Getting the right content for the audience has always been challenging for us. The content constantly changes, and we must find the right content to serve the audience. Therefore, our team must be very quick, continually updating our content. 

For example, the content will change super fast for some products like technology. So that’s why we need to adapt to the changes in certain products, and Involve has helped us to monitor which products or brands are currently trending and converting well. 

We do a lot of content without realising whether it’s giving value or converting. By seeing conversions, we know these article pieces about product recommendations are performing well.

What are your business strategies, and what do you plan to make this happen in the next 5 years?

We want to expand our business to the whole market across Asia, and our goal is still the same, which is to encourage people to have a quality life. We want everyone to have a quality weekend by helping them to choose the right experience. 

So there is currently a missing gap that needs to be filled between people who want to discover new things to do, and we want to be the connecting bridge between these two groups. So that’s why we wanted to be quick every time new trends happen.

What attracted you to sign up as an Involve Partner? 

Initially, we started looking for an Affiliate Partner ourselves, and it’s such a time-costing. Then, we discovered that Involve gathers every brand we’re familiar with, which saves a tonne of time.

With our saved time, my team can concentrate on our core strengths and other areas where we feel comfortable collaborating. I definitely will recommend Involve Asia to other content creators.

Will you encourage other content creators to use Involve Asia’s Affiliate Marketing program & what advice would you give them?

Definitely yes. Most content creators are solely concerned with their content, so you won’t have much time to affiliate. However, if you’re doing affiliate marketing with Involve, whatever it takes to get an Advertiser to join an Affiliate, you can just let Involve do it, and you’ll find plenty of brands and products to promote.

On the other hand, if you’re just getting started, let’s reach out to Involve Asia, as they have a lot of experience with content creators and will help you get all the insights and data. So, if you want to make money through Affiliate Marketing, it’s best to start with Involve Asia.

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