Paid Ads – Start Right

If you don’t have many followers, chances are, you’re not getting as many clicks as you’d like. Your content and promotional activities simply do not reach out to enough people.

The solution to this problem is to promote through the help of paid ads. This article will show you how to start thinking about running successful ads.

Planning for Your Ads

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, or any new ad platforms that will show up in the future, the concept of planning your online ads will be the same. I will be using Facebook Ads as examples in this article.

Generally, people run multiple ads at the same time, with different targets and goals:

  • Campaign – Purpose of running the Ad campaign
    • Ad sets – The audience that you want to target
      • Ads – What is your message? 

What to Expect When Paying For Ads

Paying for ads is not something where you can see results immediately. Sure sometimes it happens, but often, it’ll take some time to see the consistent results. 

You always want to look at the amount you can spend on ads as a function of your revenue. 

For starters, you can allocate a percentage of your profit as an initial budget for your ads. Ensure that your ads at the bare minimum bring you enough conversions to break even.

Once that’s hit, you can look at optimizing your ads so that it starts to yield more revenue than spend.

Again, this takes time! Spread your budget over a more extended period so you can identify which ads performed well and which didn’t. 

The ads that bring you in the sales do more of that, and gradually you’ll start seeing revenues you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get without paying for ads.

Let’s take a look at an example of how you should look at paying for ads:

Commission Payout from Involve Asia7% of Sale Amount
Product CostRM 100
Your Earnings for Converting 1 SaleRM 7
Your targeted Ad Cost Per ConversionRM 4 and below

You can use the above estimation for your average conversions over all of your ads. This is a great way to start approaching paid ads as a beginner.

I’m Confused, Where Do I Start?

You need the boosted exposure to get you more clicks on your Involve links for someone with not many followers or even if you have many followers but want more.

You want to focus on making sure you generate money from your Involve affiliate links, so forget about the ‘brand awareness’ Campaigns and look at ‘Performance-Based‘ instead.

Practical Ad Setup Examples

Here are some Ad examples that you can run for popular niches:

NicheCampaignAd Sets (Audience)Ad Headline Example
FashionPerformance-BasedHijab Wearer3 Machine Washable Hijab That Won’t Damage Your Hair
4 Instant Hijabs That Make You Look Like Lady Boss 
Pre-Summer Holiday Shopping mood3 Cutest Dresses to Make You the Talk of Envy Under $20
Never Leave Your Phone Again! 4 Stylish Dresses With Pockets Under $35
TechPerformance-BasediPhone lovers5 Best Cases for the iPhone 12 under $5
2 Noise Cancelling Headphones that are Better & Cheaper than the AirPods
PC Gamers3 Best RGB Keyboards With the Best Mechanical Feel
4 Must-Have Precision Mouses to Never Miss Your Aim During Gaming

Find Products to Promote

Great! Now that you know how to set up your ads, click on the button below to find relevant Offers and products to promote on the Involve Publisher dashboard:

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