Travel Booking Platform – 1.3% Conversion Rate Through Increased Involve Partners’ Participation

Advertiser ran its campaign from 20 July to 29 August 2022.

Advertiser’s primary goal was to reach out to Involve Partners and encourage them to promote their ongoing travel promotions.

Involve Partners received bonus payouts based on clicks and conversions made through their content with affiliate links based on the following campaign mechanics.

  • Give the incentive to the first 1,000 Partners in RM1 for their first click earning
  • Give a double payout incentive with a maximum of RM10 to Partner who made conversion from Advertiser
  • Additional bonuses to 20 random selected Partners who promoted Advertiser’s campaign

Here’s how Advertiser’s campaign increased Partners’ participation through Involve partnership.

Drove 1.3% Conversion Rate in 6 Weeks

From 20 July to 29 August 2022, more than 700 conversions were made from successful bookings at Advertiser’s platform, leading to a consistent 1.3% conversion rate and more than USD 27K in sales since its campaign launch.

The number of conversions increased by 1,000s monthly after the campaign ended.

The consistent marketing exposure with attractive bonuses increased Involve Partners’ participation in featuring Advertiser’s promotions on their platforms as the travel restrictions has loosened post-pandemic in Indonesia.

Building Exposure through Internal Communication

Involve helped Advertiser in launching the following assets that inform Partner about Advertiser’s campaign:

  • Landing page
  • Blog article
  • Carousel banner and popup for mobile & desktop
  • EDMs
  • Editor’s Picks page

Advertiser’s key message and visuals were applied to the above assets while highlighting its ongoing promotions that help Partners receive target clicks & conversions efficiently.

The Advertiser’s landing page included campaign mechanics and ongoing mechanics, in which Partners can promote & earn bonuses with a 7% sales commission throughout the campaign period.

A dedicated article about the Advertiser’s campaign provided an overview of the Advertiser as a one-stop hotel booking & holiday stay platform with tips & tricks on how to promote them. The blog article also featured hotels and holiday stays that Involve Partners can recommend to their audiences.

Active Participation by Top-performing Partners

More than 370 Partners picked up and promoted Advertiser’s promotions.


Some Partners’ promotion methods drove their audience to the in-app browsers instead of apps.

16% of participating Involve Partners were Coupons and Ad Networks who actively promoted and drove sales on Advertiser’s app.


Advertiser discovered that more Cashback Partners took the initiative to promote their products and services, which made them consider collaborating with them in future campaigns.

Implementing Optimisation Activities

Moving forward, Advertiser will be optimising their products & services with Involve Partners’ promotions with the following strategies:

  • Exclusive codes for Involve Partners
  • More tactical campaigns during non-peak and peak sales periods
  • Upsized commissions on some popular campaigns (such as Payday)
  • Voucher codes for Involve Partners, specialising in Travel (TikTok and Twitter)

Improve your Business, be an Involve Advertiser!

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