Pharmacy’s Sales Increased 9x After Offer Launch at Involve

Affiliate marketing was a new strategy for Advertiser to increase its brand awareness and sales in the digital space.

Advertiser teamed up with Involve and set up an affiliate program & connect with potential Partners.

Here’s how Advertiser’s affiliate program drove an 8x sales increase in 2 months.

Setting Up An Affiliate Program at Involve

Partnering with Involve, there are two main objectives for Advertiser:

  • Optimise and grow Advertiser’s e-commerce sales & brand awareness to Partners in Malaysia
  • Increase Partner participation in promoting Advertiser

Advertiser launched its affiliate program in July 2021. It is currently evolving & optimising to date. No specific budget was given for running this launch campaign since Involve only charges Advertiser based on successful online sales.

For the affiliate program, the Offer page is set up at Involve platform to:

  • Attract potential Partners to promote the brand
  • Suggest strategic affiliate partnership with Partners

Onboarding Potential Partners

New & existing Partners were invited to sign up for the Advertiser’s affiliate program to encourage Partners to promote health & beauty products on their platforms.

Advertiser will give the following commissions to Partners when customers purchase items through the Partners’ Involve affiliate links

  • Non-exclusive products – 2.1% commission
  • Exclusive products – 3.5% commission

Partners were informed about the Advertiser’s affiliate program via Featured Offer on Involve Dashboard & e-mail marketing. Involve also let Partners know about Advertiser’s ongoing campaigns via weekly e-mails.

We linked Advertiser with potential Partners based on their health, beauty, and shopping niche. Partners were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Engagement rate
  • Audience demographics
  • Earned clicks & conversions

321 Involve Partners signed up for the Advertiser’s affiliate program in two months.

Partners Sharing Top-Selling Products & Popular Deals

The top three participating Partners categories actively select the top-selling products and exciting deals with discounts based on their audience’s preferences.

  • 43% – Influencers
  • 29% – Content creators
  • 12% – Coupons & loyalty websites

Coupon & loyalty websites like Shopback encourage their audience to shop for products using Partners’ promo codes. Their audience will get cashback after making purchases via Partners’ websites.

Influencers & content creators feature recommended products to purchase at Advertiser’s e-commerce platform by showing how the product works in social media posts, blog articles, and YouTube videos.

For Advertiser’s deals, influencers & content creators share exciting discounts on selected product categories their audience can enjoy while shopping online.

Increased 9x in Sales

Since the launch of the Advertiser’s affiliate program, the increase & consistency of Partners’ promotions drove 9x growth in sales with a steady Return-of-Investment (ROI) of 33 in two months.

Partners’ engaging content about the Advertiser on social media & websites garnered an increase of 10x clicks and 23x sales conversions. The attractive products and deals catering to various customers entice them to purchase at the Advertiser’s website via Partners’ affiliate links.

Advertiser gave a 9x increase of payout to Partners in two months, which shows significant trust between Advertiser and Partners.

Consistent optimisation of products & promotions, based on data performance & communication with Partners via Involve, attracted more Partners to sign up for the Advertiser’s affiliate program and promote their products.

Focusing on Brand Highlights

Advertiser will highlight the top-selling brands that Partners can promote on their platforms.

Advertiser hopes to include brand-focus campaigns with visual assets and lists of top-selling products on the Offer page.

Partners can use this useful information to produce engaging content for their audience.

Set Up Your Affiliate Program at Involve

Want to optimise your affiliate marketing strategy, collaborate with Partners, and monitor detailed performance on one platform? Sign up as an Advertiser at Involve & our dedicated Account Manager will be there to assist you in setting up your affiliate program.

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