How Philip Made Enough to Run His Website Full-time with Involve

Wouldn’t it be nice if your side hustle replaced your full-time job? That’s exactly what happened to Philip, with the help of Involve Asia.

Philip is the founder of and, coupon websites that help his followers save money while shopping online. His websites started as a side-hustle but now these are able to replace his full-time job. Here’s his story:

Started by Promoting Uber and Grab Promo Codes

When e-hailing started in Malaysia, Phillip posted free-rides Uber and Grab promo codes on his website. “My journey in Affiliate Marketing started in getting people to sign up with Uber and Grab using my affiliate links,” he shares.

However, when Uber and Grab merged in 2018, there were no more promo codes, and Philip’s Affiliate income plummeted. He needed to look for other things to promote on his website beside e-hailing promo codes.

Looking for Alternatives

Philip Googled for other ways to earn money from his website and he stumbled upon Involve Asia. He signed up as a Publisher and saw that there were so many brands that he could promote besides Uber and Grab. Here’s an example of Offers that Philip can promote besides e-hailing:

Offers on Publisher Dashboard

Sharing Shopee & Lazada Promotions

Phillip looks through the Involve Asia dashboard to pick out the best promotions for his followers daily. Having ready-made banners from Advertisers saves him time from finding them himself.

He shares promo codes and vouchers for popular marketplaces in Malaysia such as Lazada and Shopee. Here’s what he promotes them on his website:

After a couple of months, his Affiliate income went back up and surpassed what he usually earned when he was promoting Grab & Uber codes. “Google Ads were my only income from promoting Grab and Uber codes.The earnings were low hundreds,” he mentions. “That time I wasn’t very active until I set up which is the start of doing Affiliate Marketing. I started to push in promoting Offers at the beginning of 2020 on my website and Facebook page. Later, in July 2020, for the first time, I hit 5-digits in commissions and peaked in November during the 11.11 Sales.”

Posting on Social Media

To maximize his reach, he promotes all his website content on his Malaysia Promotions MY Facebook page and includes his Involve Asia Affiliate links in his Facebook posts. Here’s how one of his Facebook post looks like:

One of Malaysia Promotions MY’s Facebook post

Philip shares any voucher and coupon from all categories, from electronics to fashion. “I mostly promote these products from Lazada and Shopee that will benefit my followers,” he adds.

In each of his Facebook posts, he ensures to include this simple recipe:

  1. An image of a voucher
  2. Short and sweet copy to explain and promote the product
  3. Insert his Involve Asia Affiliate link
  4. Asks his readers to click on his link

Pretty simple formula for success. He sticks to this formula consistently as he grows his audience and income with Involve Asia.

Marketplace Affiliate Program (MAP): Philip’s Income Booster

Philip didn’t stop there, since his website traffic and audience grew, he was approached by Involve’s account manager to join MAP, one of many Involve Asia’s Marketing programs. 

With MAP, he was eligible to earn extra commission payout per sale compared to normal Publishers. This further helps encourage Philip to promote with Involve Asia. 

Keeping Track of His Performance

Philip says that “the Involve Asia dashboard is simple.” He can see the Offers’ details and commission payout all within 2 clicks.

With the help of Involve analytical tools, Philip can pinpoint which promotion and type of content converted well, and which flopped. With these invaluable insights, he can reverse engineer what worked and focus more on creating content that is making him money.

Staying Consistent

Philip stuck to his winning formula for a few months and, within a year, his website generated more income than his full-time job salary.

Every month, through promoting the Offers’ affiliate links, including Lazada and Shopee, he has been getting an average of 2,500 conversions.

Seeing great consistent results, Phillip decided to move on and run his website full-time, a dream-come-true for many Publishers.

Currently, he is improving the user experience for his websites with better content and design to keep his audience coming back for more. It was a great pleasure to interview Philip. I hope his story has inspired you that you can do this too!

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