Raiz Invest: Bridging The Gap Between Finance & E-Commerce Marketplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many to explore other means of income. This usually involves investing using different financial tools like mutual funds, stocks and more. Raiz Investment is a fintech company that specializes in just this, with their primary audience being those who are in the very early stages of their career (or, in some cases, even before they start work!). 

Raiz Invest reached out to Involve Asia to help expand our reach through its partner network and tools. Here’s how we did it.

Raiz Rewards for Online Shoppers

Most Indonesians are eager to save their spending while shopping online at popular marketplaces (such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tokopedia), which offer rewards & promotions, including free shipping, discounts, and cashback.

The outlook of Indonesians’ spending habits online led Raiz Invest to set up Raiz Rewards, where customers can put their cashback into their mutual funds as part of their investment. So instead of spending cashback for another round of online shopping sprees, you might as well save the cashback for investment.

For example, let’s say you earn Rp 5.000,- cashback from Shopee. You transfer the Shopee cashback into a specific financial portfolio via the Raiz app. There may be an increase when you withdraw your investment.

You will get extra cashback without spending as the investment grows!

How Involve Asia Powers Raiz Rewards

Involve Asia helps Raiz Invest discover a wide range of brands they could promote on Raiz Rewards.

Involve Asia recommends Raiz Invest feature marketplace brands on Raiz Rewards during the non-peak and peak sales (such as payday & double-date sales), based on the online shoppers’ preferences and spending habits.

Having marketplace brands on Raiz Rewards helps Raiz Invest to reach a broader shopping segment and encourages customers to shop, earn cashback, and put them in their mutual funds seamlessly.

On the Involve Dashboard, Raiz Invest can easily generate Involve affiliate links of the brands they want to promote, which are then added to the Raiz Rewards on the app.

Raiz Invest customers earn cashbacks in the form of investment units whenever they shop through Raiz. This allows users to build up their investment portfolio through online shopping. This is the first of its kind in Indonesia, as other cashback apps don’t give out rewards that can grow based on the movements of the market.

Thanks to the trackable Involve affiliate links, Raiz Invest can view the detailed Performance and Conversion reports on the Involve Dashboard, including identifying which top-performing brands drive the most clicks, sales & conversions. These insights enable Raiz Invest to plan its upcoming promotions on Raiz Rewards.

Since the release of Raiz Rewards with Involve Asia in April 2022, Raiz Invest’s growth has been exponential.

Crafting Engaging Content For Audience

Raiz Invest’s target audience is 18 to 35 years old with basic financial knowledge who have just finished high school and started their careers.

The gender ratio between male and female interest in learning about financial investment is 60:40.

Raiz Invest shares weekly fintech market reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and blog (Web & App).

They also feature brands’ promotions in bite-sized videos on TikTok. These videos are based on the general trends across social media platforms.

Instagram Live Session with Involve Asia

Raiz Invest’s first collaboration with Involve had an IG live session on 29 November, at 4PM JKT.

Raiz Invest and Involve discusses how to earn money through doing product reviews, followed by a Q&A session.

View our Instagram live session with Involve Asia here.

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