Popular Marketplace in Vietnam Earned 1,730x Sales Growth in 6 Months Through Involve Partnership

Vietnam’s trusted e-commerce platform, wanted to expand its horizons in reaching out to new customers and encouraging the public to shop online with great offerings on its seamless platform.

Affiliate marketing is one of their strategies to collaborate with potential affiliate Partners whose niche audience relies on credible experiences and reviews of brands’ products & services.

In partnership with Involve, let’s look at how the Advertiser boosted its sales growth & brand awareness to affiliate Partners in Southeast Asia and increased affiliate Partner participation in promoting the brand by joining as Involve’s Advertiser.

Increased Sales by Close to 1730x

From March to August 2022, the consistent internal communication with Involve Partners brought significant growth in the Advertiser’s performance.

Involve Partners’ engaging content brought close to 1,730x growth in sales with increased traffic on its e-commerce platform.

In addition, Involve Partners’ influences made their audience frequently shop online at Advertiser’s website, which drove 98x clicks on their affiliate links and garnered 650x conversions made from booming sales of their recommended products during non-peak and peak sales.

Providing useful information and suggesting Advertiser’s promotions, brands stores, and top-selling products helped Involve Partners implement their engaging content strategy.

Onboarding New & Existing Involve Partners

Once the Advetiser has set up its Offer page, dedicated Account Managers invited new and existing Involve Partners to sign up & influence their audience to use the Advertiser’s e-commerce platform.

The participating Involve Partners got up to 13.5% commission across product categories, ranging from fashion to home & living. Any purchases were trackable on the web, mobile, and app platforms.

Potential Partners which Involve and Advertiser identified and reached out to them are based on the following criteria to align with Advertiser’s objectives and strategies:

  • Top-performing niche categories
  • Engagement rates
  • Followers demographics
  • Earned clicks & conversions

More than 760 Involve Partners applied to promote Advertiser’s e-commerce platform on their content.

54% of Involve Partners were content creators & influencers, while 30% of Involve Partners were ad networks who contributed to recommending Advertiser to their audiences.

Implementing Campaigns & Coupons

Involve Partners were driven to sign up and promote Advertiser due to its attractive campaigns & coupons that cater to various target audiences during non-peak and peak sales.

Specifically, the Advertiser shared the campaign mechanics and coupons, encouraging Involve Partners to promote particular brands’ stores, such as Colgate, Dettol, and Tsubaki. This is based on the audiences’ preferences for purchasing products from their favourite brands by category.

For non-peak sales (excluding weekly & monthly promotions), Advertiser provides bonus schemes based on gross market value (GMV), order amount, and competitive incentives to better guide the Involve Partners’ traffic to their desirable categories on the marketplace.

Advertiser provided monthly promo codes, available on Involve’s coupon page, where Involve Partners can easily share them with their audiences to get better conversion rates and higher order value.

Involve Partners later picked up on promoting other brands available on Advertiser’s website, giving them more options and creatively posting engaging content on their platforms, including social media and websites.

Boosting Brand Awareness Through Internal Communications

Involve informed affiliate Partners who have traffic in Vietnam about the Advertiser through various marketing channels.

We featured the Advertiser’s popular sales on our weekly EDMs, such as double-date and payday sales.

The Advertiser was added as one of the Featured Offer listings where Involve Partners can see them immediately once they have logged in to their Involve dashboard.

We highlighted the Advertiser as one of the best offers to promote in Vietnam on our dedicated blog article and landing page.

A dedicated landing page featuring Offers in Vietnam

When Involve Partners click the ‘call-to-action’ button, they would be directed to the Advertiser’s Offer page.

On the Offer page, they learned more about the Advertiser, including their ongoing campaigns and visual assets, applied for Advertiser’s affiliate program, and generated their unique affiliate links.

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