SuperMom, Career Woman & Mother – How She Turned Her Life Around with Involve

Being a superwoman with a career and kids isn’t easy. It is a constant struggle to strike a balance between two worlds. However, with purposeful intentions, she can tackle whatever obstacles and step up her A-game. This is how I, the SuperMom, struck this balance and took it to another level.

On 1 October 2022, I shared my affiliate marketing journey with fellow Involve Partners at the Meet & Greet event at Ayala North Exchange in the Philippines. Read on to discover my journey.

Motivated by My Family Support & Involve Asia

Being a mom of four kids, I found it challenging to run my business while taking care of the family.

My husband had a heart disease that required long-term medical support and treatment. 

We were struggling financially because of my husband’s hospital bills. That’s why I decided to use work as an influencer to support my family financially.

I struggled to balance caring for my husband and kids while constantly posting Facebook content.

Sadly, my husband’s heart failed and passed away 3 months ago.

Despite the challenges and losing my sole support in the family, I still had to look out for my kids, and I always prayed to provide them with a better life. 

My kids are my everything. I absolutely had to find ways to support them after losing my husband. 

I decided to use Involve Asia full-time, starting November 2021.

Involve Asia is an absolute life-changer, and I am thankful for getting this opportunity to turn my life around so that I can support myself and my kids.

They provide me with constant support. Whenever I run into roadblocks or if I need help with ways to drive more revenue, my dedicated Account Manager, Lindsay, would be there for me. She’ll provide me advice with not only different ways to use Involve Asia to help my business but also advice and learnings on how to make my Facebook content more engaging. 

Thanks to the ease of generating affiliate links through Involve Asia’s platform and access to a wide range of advertisers, my team and I can focus on our content and growing engagement. Ultimately leading to rapid earnings growth for us. 

Discovering Involve Asia

Since 2019, I have worked as a Social Media Marketing Specialist & a Social Media Manager who mostly managed corporate accounts.

That same year, I asked God for a sign if blogging was for me, with a “yes” answer that merely what I felt wholeheartedly. I also started creating content and made Facebook my online diary. SuperMom Inang Wendi was born.

As I’ve been handling different pages for a long time, one of my editors, Junrie, introduced Involve Asia to me

Given how well I did for my clients then, I figured, “Why don’t I do this for myself?”

I decided to have a go at earning side income by creating my own social media pages and using them to drive earnings for myself with Involve Asia’s affiliate links.

I realised it was different from what I focused on being an influencer without a supportive platform.

With Involve Asia, I was able to hit 5 to 6-digit earnings in a day!

Involve completely blew me away with how quickly it changed my life!

By December 2021, I decided to take it seriously. I let go of my corporate accounts and just focused on doing affiliate marketing with Involve Asia.

To this very day, I have been active in Involve Asia while taking care of my four kids.

I am more than thankful to Junrie for letting me open the door to a life-changing experience.

So, how did I do it? Read on to find out more.

Creating Heartfelt Content on Facebook

Helping people achieve success in life besides earning money made me decide to pursue my affiliate marketing journey. So I set up Facebook pages for editors who are either people with disability (PWD) or still studying. 

I manage the following Facebook pages, which cater to various audiences with particular interests:

  • SuperMom – About motherhood, parenting, business, health & beauty, and everything in between
  • Inang Wendi – My motherhood journey
  • Note to Self. – Inspirational quotes and stories
  • MakaGastos – Budol finds online shopping at popular marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada 
  • 2Joints – Motivational quotes 

Each page has more than 2M followers who are constantly on the lookout for the latest posts by our SuperMom team.

The editors of these Facebook pages publish engaging posts and recommend products to their audience. In addition, we include Involve affiliate links that direct our audience to specific landing pages. Part of the sales commissions is given to those editors.

Our Facebook content consists of featured posts and product reviews on top-selling products that entice their audience to purchase them on Shopee and Lazada during non-peak and peak sales such as double-date and payday.

I feel so proud of my editors for achieving success. They message me and share their success stories. The joy of seeing how I managed to help others succeed was one of the greatest feelings in the world! 

Scaling Up Facebook Content Organically

I post authentic and personal stories & reviews on trending products that are useful and affordable. People can really tell when you’re truly being authentic so establishing that emotional connection helps tremendously in building trust and ultimately sales.

I usually don’t use Facebook ads because they are costly, so I stick to organically posting Facebook content.

Here are my tips & tricks on how to increase the reach & engagement of organic Facebook content and the number of followers:

  • Be authentic. Create content that builds trust and connects with the reader emotionally
  • Consistently post content
  • Don’t just use your own page. Share your posts & Facebook page on other groups and pages
  • Create short videos (such as stories & reels)

When you start blogging, always remember that the goal is not to get more followers but to create content worth following!

Putting Long-Term Investment for My Children

With high Involve Asia affiliate earnings, I was able to buy a house & lot and a 2-bedroom condominium with parking space and a portion of a commercial & residential lot for my family.

I have the keys to my properties. I am lending one of the keys to Jurnie, whom I am very thankful for. He can stay at my place anytime.

My team and I are helping my eldest child to become an Involve Asia Partner. We have prepared a mini studio for her.

We had a difficult life, but I’m proud that I survived with the help of my husband and family.

I persevered despite people telling me that blogging would not take me anywhere. Instead, I took it as a motivation to help me better my family’s life.

I encourage you to work towards your dreams even though only one person believes in them and even if that person is just yourself.

Ignite Your Dreams at Involve Asia

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You will get full support from Involve Asia team every step of the way on your affiliate marketing journey.

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