Taobao New Updates: Deeplink Generator & More Commissionable Products!

Taobao is one of the most popular Chinese e-commerce websites owned by Alibaba.

It’s a one-stop shop for anything from car accessories to household appliances to branded items, all at affordable prices.

Involve Partners can earn commissions up to 35.7% when promoting products on Taobao.

There are so many commissionable products to choose from!

Check out these latest updates on how you can promote your favourite products & earn more commissions from Taobao.

All-New Taobao Landing Page

Taobao has a new and improved landing page on the Offer that lists only commissionable products. This makes it easier for you to promote products that’ll earn you that high commission! 

This new landing page allows Involve Partners to generate a commissionable link from Taobao products in one platform.

Just pick the product you want to promote from this special landing page and insert it into the deeplink generator inside your dashboard! 

Seamless Deeplink Generation

The Taobao – CPS Offer is now available on our Deeplink Generator & accepts global traffic!

Visit Taobao’s new landing page > Pick a commissionable product to promote > Paste product URL into Deeplink Generator.

Please note that all other Offer terms and conditions remain the same. However, only a few domains from Taobao’s default landing page are commissionable. So let’s take a look at it:

Taobao’s Commissionable Domains

Here are two commissionable domains that you can generate using the Involve Deeplink Generator:



Taobao Domains That Can’t be Deeplinked

Some products you click on the landing page may direct you to a different site domain (e.g., This domain can’t be used to create a deeplink with.

Paste the product link with the domain into the Involve deeplink generator to find out more.

To get the domain that will work with the deeplink generator, click on the product image to be redirected to either or

However, please remember that some products are not commissionable even though they came from the correct domain (e.g., or

Here are a few things we recommend you to do before you can start earning while promoting your affiliate link:

  1. Always go to the Involve deeplink generator and paste the product link you intend to promote.
  2. You’ll be able to generate an affiliate link to see if the link is commissionable.
  3. If you cannot generate a link, the link is not commissionable.

If you find that a link is giving you an error, even if it’s from the right domain, it’s likely been made non-commissionable by Taobao. So we would suggest for you link to another product that is commissionable instead.

Now that you know which links are able for deeplink and which aren’t, here’s another way to search for products to promote from Taobao:

Taobao Search Bar

Taobao’s search bar on the landing page will display commissionable products.

For example, if you want to purchase a blanket & review it with your audience, you can simply type the product name into the search bar and choose any available to promote.

By copying the product link to your Involve dashboard, Partners can use the Involve deeplink generator to generate a commissionable link.

Try to add a link to Deeplink Generator for these hot-selling Taobao products on your dashboard now:

Top 5 Product Categories to Promote from Taobao

Taobao is the marketplace to sell almost everything sold by small businesses and popular brands.

Here are the top 5 product categories you can promote to maximise your affiliate earnings with Taobao:

#1 Electronic Products

It’s one of the top categories to promote on Taobao because of the high demand. This includes phones, cameras, accessories, headphones & speakers.

#2 Baby Care Products

Baby Care Product is a new mom’s best friend. These product categories include diapers and baby wipes, baby formula and other breast-milk substitutes, and baby bedding.

#3 Clothing Products

Men’s and women’s clothing are popular product categories. Customers can find almost all of their favourite products, from fashion to everyday wear.

#4 Food & Beverage

Food & beverage are a great category to promote on Taobao because it’s highly searched, and people like to buy their groceries online. Many stores on Taobao sell products like coffee, crackers, noodles, and more.

#5 Health & Supplements Products

Health and supplements are in high demand. Taobao has many health products, including food supplements, vitamins, medicines, and cosmetics that you can earn from.

We hope that you can take advantage of these new features and start earning more commissions from promoting Taobao products.

As always, we will keep you updated whenever more new features are added to the site, so please stay tuned!

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