Thailand Food Delivery App – How Involve Partners Drove 7x Sales Growth in 7 Months

Thailand’s most popular food delivery apps wanted to reach out to more target customers & encourage them to use the Lineman app that lets them make their food deliveries seamlessly.

Through the partnership with Involve, we helped the Advertiser to set up the Offer page for them, where Involve Partners can earn 10.5% commission for food deliveries only.

Here’s how this Advertiser and Involve helped affiliate partners promote their products & services, leading almost 30% conversion rate.

Increased 7x in Sales With 28% Conversion Rate

Since its launch in January 2022, with effective collaborations with Involve Partners through affiliate marketing, the Advertiser earned an increase of 7x in sales with a return on investment (ROI) of 25.

Their exclusive promo codes for food deliveries drove a high number of clicks and conversions, leading to an almost 30% conversion rate.

Involve Partners’ frequent promotions on their platforms turned their audience into new customers, which led to an increase of 755%. In comparison, the number of existing customers increased by nearly 100%.

Promo codes with exciting discounts for popular F&B brands attracted new & existing customers to make orders via the food delivery app.

The Advertiser gave 9x more affiliate payouts to Partners because of the attractive bonuses that boosted the number of Partners participating in promoting their campaigns.

Sharing Updates Through Increased Exposure

Involve informed Partners about Thailand’s food delivery app’s upcoming & ongoing promotions through the following channels:

  • Featured Offer in listing
  • Dedicated EDMs & Weekly Offer EDMs
  • Pop-up
  • Dashboard banner
  • LINE Chat
  • Blog article
  • Landing page

Key campaign mechanics (including promo codes), commission model, and creative banners were mentioned so that Partners use this information to prepare for their upcoming content.

Partners were directed to the Advertiser’s dedicated landing page where Partners can earn double bonus payout by promoting the latest food delivery campaigns with promo codes.

These campaigns aligned to Partners’ promotions and customers’ experience ordering food deliveries via app.

Giving Bonus Payout & Monthly Promo Codes

In January 2022, Thailand’s food delivery app kicked off by inviting Involve Partners to promote them by giving bonus payouts.

January – February 2022June 2022
Up to RM300 bonus payout per account on a first-come, first-served basis (based on validated conversion time)Top 5 Partners (Coupons & loyalty websites who have not promoted the Advertiser) receive up to RM1,000 bonus payout when they reach their target earnings by bonus tiers

The Advertiser uploaded weekly campaigns with promo codes, encouraging Involve Partners to create engaging content that entices their audience to enjoy discounts while ordering their meals via app.

They provided promo codes with detailed terms & conditions such as applicable to selected products and validity dates.

Various promo codes for popular F&B eateries and exclusivity gave Involve Partners options to cater to diverse audiences, leading to higher order values and better conversion rates.

Involve Partners’ Promotions for Advertiser

For the first round of giving bonus payouts (January to February 2022), almost 800 Involve Partners, including those who have traffic in Thailand, participated in promoting Thailand’s food delivery app.

55% of participating Partners were Influencers who featured the Advertiser’s promotions on social media platforms and blogs.

Most of the Involve Partners shared weekly promo codes that drove the most traffic and engagement.

In June 2022, Involve reached out to the top 5 Partners (coupons & loyalty websites) based on their performance:

  • iPrice
  • Shopback
  • Insite media
  • Saleduck Asia

The Top 5 Partners added the Advertiser’s promo codes to their designated landing pages where their audience can grab & use promo codes upon making food delivery orders through the app.

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