Tinkerlust: The Up-And-Coming Fashion Marketplace to Promote & Earn 1.4% Commission

The fashion industry in Indonesia is back after going through a challenging pandemic for the past two years. People are starting to come out and dress up in nines at parties, weddings, concerts, and other events.

We got an up-and-coming marketplace for fashion enthusiasts who love recommending the trendiest outfits at affordable prices!

Read on to find out what Tinkerlust is all about.

About Tinkerlust

Tinkerlust provides style and convenience for fashion lovers who want to upgrade their wardrobes.

Fashion lovers can sell and buy preloved fashion, from fast fashion to high luxury, in a seamless platform.

They want to offer the largest selection of affordable clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories – preloved once but continued to be passed on in good condition to other trend finders.

Tinkerlust has two categories – Branded and Luxury.

Involve Partners will get a 1.4% commission each time new & existing customers buy fashion items at Tinkerlust through their affiliate links. 

Here are Tinkerlust’s latest always-on campaigns to get you started in promoting them.

Tinkerlust Always-On Campaigns

Luxurious Mood

Tinkerlust has a wide range of high-end designer collections, such as Zara, Fendi, Chanel & more!

There are also private collection items waiting to be worn by fashion enthusiasts.

Most of the items are sold at affordable prices and with attractive discounts.

Men’s Preloved by Tinkerlust

Men are particular with the trendiest fashion items at affordable prices, too!

Reach out to them to expand your target audience by featuring men’s fashion items available on Tinkerlust.

Tinkerlust has a wide range of branded & luxury items (from shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories) for men.

Exclusive Promo Code For Your Audience

We have exclusive promo codes that helps build higher order value & conversion rates AND earn more commissions from Tinkerlust!

Head on over to the coupon page to grab those promo codes here.

Tips & Tricks on Promoting Tinkerlust on Your Content

Presenting a walkthrough of how Tinkerlust’s online shopping platform works would be a great starting point that enables your audience to buy and sell fashion items easily.

Featuring product reviews about the trendiest fashion items is also great for encouraging your audience to shop at Tinkerlust online.

Share your online shopping experience with Tinkerlust and show off your OOTDs for popular occasions, including work, formal dinners, and weddings.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making product reviews:

  • Know what your audience wants
  • Know about the products inside and out
  • Be unbiased and objective
  • Share your experience with the products
  • List down the pros and cons of the products
  • Mention technical information
  • Provide suggestions on using products

All set to bring Tinkerlust to your fashionistas? Visit our Tinkerlust dedicated landing page for more details, apply for Tinkerlust’s affiliate program, and promote your favourite fashion items.

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