Top 3 Offers for 1st Week of April

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This week, we are featuring the 4.4 sales to promote in your content. We also highlight the travel bags’ accessory kits that you could recommend your followers to style their bags uniquely.

Here are the latest campaigns to promote.

Get Upsized Commission from Pomelo’s Upcoming 4.4 Sales

Enjoy Pomelo’s birthday sales? If you missed it, not to worry as Pomelo is having its 4.4 Sales which kicks off on 4 April! This campaign is ideal for Publishers who enjoy talking about fashion and shopping.

Share Pomelo’s promo codes with your followers so that they can get these amazing deals, only on that day.

  • Up to 60% Off + Up 30% Off Vouchers
  • All Day Vouchers – Up to 30% Off
  • New Customer Voucher – 30% Off with minimum spend

Promoting this campaign from 1 – 4 April, you will get upsized commissions for New Customer payout (from 4.2% to 8.4%) and Existing Customer payout (from 2.8% to 7%).

Customers love the Pomelo fashion line because of its stylish design with fine details, great quality fabric and suitable wear for various occasions such as casual getaway, office look and formal events.

Previously, 370 Publishers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore promoted Pomelo Birthday Sale.

Feature these best-selling products in your content:

We recommend showcasing your favourite Pomelo outfits by making product reviews, showing off your OOTD and ideal capsule wardrobe, and featuring them in your daily vlogs.

Start promoting NOW before the Pomelo’s 4.4 Sales ends on 4 April, 11:59 PM.

Earn Great Commission during Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day – MY, SG, ID & PH

Shopee Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are running 4.4 Mega Shopping Day with exclusive codes and amazing discounts.

New customers of Shopee Malaysia will get RM12 OFF on their first purchase with a minimum spend of RM44 by using their coupon code, IA44NC.

Earn up to 9.1% commission for a successful sale, without cancellation or refund. Get 30% Upsize Commission for CPS and USD 3 Upsize Commission for Cashback.

For the past three months, 436 Publishers have been actively promoting Shopee Malaysia’s campaigns on their content.

Promote NOW before the campaign ends on 3 April.

Shopee Singapore is also giving exclusive code to new customers. Key in IA44NEW upon your followers’ purchases and they will get $7 off without minimum spend.

This exclusive code is valid till 6 April, 11:59 PM. It applies to payments involving Shopee Guarantee and for the first 250 new Shopee users. It can’t be used on S1/S2 Baby Milk.

Since January 2021, 125 Publishers have been promoting Shopee Singapore’s ongoing and latest campaigns.

Earn 4.9% commission per successful sale.

Shopee Indonesia is running its Mega Shopping Day till 4 April.

Tell your followers about Shopee Indonesia’s exciting promotions such as COD Gratis Ongkir 0 Rupiah, Serba Seribu and discounts up to 99%!

You will earn 1.4% Commission per purchase made on Shopee Indonesia website.

Since the launch of the event, 51 Publishers apply and promote this campaign to their followers.

Shopee Philippines is giving exclusive code for new users.

Add SHPIA44SALE upon purchase and your followers will get ₱200 Off at ₱800 minimum spend. This code is valid sitewide except on Digital Goods & Vouchers till 4 April.

Using this code is applicable on orders to be delivered via Shoppe’s Integrated Couriers. It can only be used on iOS and Android mobile apps.

Starting today, you will get up to 8.4% commission per successful sale.

Last month, 7,579 Publishers applied to promote Shopee Philippines campaigns

Share your shopping experience and recommend the most top-selling products to buy during their 4.4 Mega Shopping Day. Don’t forget to generate your Involve links and add them to your content.

Get 4% Commission by promoting TUMI Accents Kits – MY and SG

Customise your bags and travel cases with TUMI Accents Kits which are available in Malaysia and Singapore. You can personalise your bags with pops of colour, making it easy for you to find them.

The kit comes with components made from embossed leather – luggage tag, monogram patch, handle wrap and zipper. The zip pouch is included to carry accessories. TUMI offers free monogramming in-store.

An average of 30 Publishers promote the TUMI Accents Kit monthly.

Promote these popular products to your audience:

Add your unique flair in featuring TUMI Accent Kits in your product reviews and OOTD posts.

The campaign in Malaysia and Singapore is ongoing.

Time to make your week exciting by promoting the above Offers! Sign in to your dashboard and promote NOW before campaigns end.

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