6 Top-Converting Offers to Promote During 11.11 Sales in Malaysia

The end of 2021 means it’s time to shop for the must-have items with discounts, vouchers and cashback! The 11.11 Sale is the biggest shopping event of the year where people treat themselves by shopping till they drop.

Take advantage of this sales period by promoting the hottest deals and get extra earnings from clicks and sales, including bonus payouts, till 11 November!

Here are our bonus campaigns to help you do just that this 11.11

Deals CPUC

Use our click campaign to get conversions and quickly earn from your audience. These pages are already packed with the best promotions for 11.11 so if you’re not sure what to promote, just use this page for pretty much-guaranteed conversions!

Here are 3 simple steps to get click conversions:

  • Generate your affiliate link
  • Promote our page on your content with your affiliate link that directs your followers to this page
  • Earn by Unique Click every time your followers click on the ‘Buy Now’ button 

This Offer only accepts local traffic. Its cookie period lasts for 10 days.

For 11.11, we have a special bonus campaign to help you earn even more! Earn up to MYR40 Bonus payout from Clicks and Bonus from Sales through Unique Clicks sent per account. Your Bonus Payout will be paid in Malaysian Ringgit currency.

New Publishers will get upsized bonuses when they get their first 10 CPUC conversions.

Find out more information in Bonus T&Cs on the 11.11 Publisher Festival page.


If you have products to promote, it’ll definitely be on Shopee. Here’s what they’re offering to help you earn more this 11.11 season! 

Promote Shopee’s 11.11 Sales till 11 November and bonus commissions, up to +60%.


You can use these promotions to encourage your audience to buy:

  • Free shipping without a minimum spend
  • Free shipping on cash-on-delivery orders
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed – get 120% of the price difference in Shopee coins
  • Hourly RM1 deals from products and brands
  • 11 AM -12 PM deals – as low as RM0.11 on selected items, 111% coin cashback, free delivery vouchers & food discount vouchers (via Shopee Food)

Promote limited-time deals with voucher codes which existing customers can enjoy coin cashback, from midnight till 2AM, on 11 November. The list with featured bonus brands is available on Shopee MY’s Offer page.

Here are the exclusive voucher codes to share with your followers, both New Customer and Existing Customer.

Pre Hype (20 October – 10 November)

New Customer
RM15 Off for a minimum spend of RM18
Existing Customer
15% Coins Cashback for a minimum spend of
RM70, capped at 1050 coins

Peak Day 2 (11.11 Sales)

New Customer
RM20 Off for a minimum spend of RM23
Existing Customer
15% Coins Cashback for a minimum spend of RM60, capped at 900 coins
Existing Customer
30% Coins Cashback for a minimum spend of RM50, capped at 1,500 Coins
Valid from 12 AM to 2 AM only 

Unsure which products to promote on your content? These are the best performing products per category to help you start off!

Home & Living

(1 PCS) Laundry Gel Beads
RM0.08 – RM0.09 (20% Off)
4.9 Stars
3.4m Sold

Renew Road Tax & Insurance
for Cars and Motor
5 Stars
144.2k Sold

Cute Stationery Pouch
RM0.28 (84% Off)
5 Stars
1.1m Sold

Double Matte Zip Lock Bag
RM0.11 – RM0.76 (72% Off)
4.9 Stars
234.5k Sold

Bamboo Tissue
RM0.73 (39% Off)
4.9 Stars
739.1k Sold

Health & Beauty

10 pcs Bundle Pack
KF94 Disposable Face Mask
RM1.59 – RM2.99
4.9 Stars
1.3m Sold
Korean 4PLY KF94 Hijab
Headloop Face Mask
RM0.29 (90% Off)
4.9 Stars
256.2k Sold

Premium KF94 / KN95
RM1.59 – RM5.90 (85% Off)
4.9 Stars
861.2k Sold

Surgiplus Medical
KN95 Face Mask
RM1.25 (75% Off)
4.9 Stars
542.1k Sold

RM0.19 (81% Off)
4.8 Stars
410.9k Sold


RM5.50 (21% Off)
4.9 Stars
16.3k Sold

Instant Chili Pan Mee
RM4.60 (16% Off)
4.9 Stars
332.7k Sold

卫龙 魔芋爽 毛肚 素
RM0.36 (27% Off)
4.9 Stars
285.5k Sold

Soup Mum’s Pan Mee
RM4.53 (18% Off)
4.9 Stars
163.5k Sold

Lotte Luncheon Meat
RM7.77 (40% Off)
5 Stars
130.5k Sold



Lazada is one of the most popular e-commerce sites to promote its biggest 11.11 Sales with the best deals and promotions. Plus, Lazada lets you earn off conversions on both Web AND App! Meaning you’ll never miss a conversion.

Content Creators and KOLs can earn bonus commissions on the net-based payout from multiple categories via Web and App.

PeriodBonus Payout
Teaser (6 – 10 November)10%
D-Day (11 November)Up to 30%

Highlight these key messages about Lazada’s 11.11 Sales on your content:

  • Up to 70% Off
  • Coin Cashback
  • Crazy Flash Sales
  • Mesti Beli
  • Lazada Bonus – RM10 Off for every RM100
  • Free Shipping without minimum spend
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed

Share these Bank Voucher codes with your followers so they can enjoy amazing discounts and cashback! Collect voucher code for Mastercard on 11 November. For the rest of the voucher codes, followers can collect them from 9 to 11 November and use them on 11 November

Partner NameMechanics
Mastercard11% off capped at RM11
All Citi CardsRM 18 min spend RM 100
Lazada Citi Credit CardRM 22 min spend RM 100
RHB Credit CardsRM20 min spend of RM 150
RHB Credit CardsRM100 min spend of RM 500
RHB Credit CardsRM100 off min spend of RM500
CIMBRM50 off min spend of RM580
CIMBRM15 off min spend of RM150
HSBC Credit CardsRM22 off min spend of RM180
HSBC Credit CardsRM50 off min spend of RM500
HSBC Credit CardsRM100 off min spend of RM1000
Alliance Bank Credit CardsRM50 off min spend of RM500
Alliance Bank Credit CardsRM15 off min spend of RM150
Boost e-WalletRM3 off min spend of RM35
Boost e-WalletRM15 off min spend of RM150
Aeon CreditRM28 min spend of RM250
Bank IslamRM20 off min spend of RM150
Affin BankRM13 off min spend of RM150
StandChart MC Credit CardsRM100 off min spend of RM1000
StandChart Credit CardsRM20 off min spend of RM150

Let your followers know about the Lazzie Hunt where they might stand a chance to win the Grand Prize or a Daily Shop & Win award. They can go through an on-ground QR Hunt or take part in daily missions via Lazada App.

Lazada will be having the After-Sales promotions! Share this promo code (1111APINV15) to New Customers and Existing Customers so they can enjoy RM15 Off with a minimum spend of RM5.10, from 12 to 15 November.

We have compiled some of the top-selling products (by category) to get you started in promoting them.


L’Oreal Paris Revitalift
Micronized Centella Essence Water 130ml
RM54.68 (25% Off)
4.9 Stars

Always Be Pure Forest Therapy
Ultra Calming Cream (18ml / 50ml / 80ml)
RM48.98 (65% Off)
4.9 Stars

Bioaqua Shampoo (Ginger) 400ml
RM13.90 (72% Off)
4.9 Stars

NetDot Therapy
Massage Machine
RM113.12 (43% Off)
4.9 Stars

Focallure Staymax
Matte Lip Ink
RM16.80 (20% Off)
5 Stars


Chennai Muruku Mix
RM6.82 (27% Off)
4.9 Stars

Royal Gold Kitchen Towel
55 sheets x 8 Rolls – 1 Pkt
RM15.99 (20% Off)
4.9 Stars

Lotte Luncheon Meat
RM7.51 (70% Off)
4.9 Stars

Mak’Cik Garlic Bread
245gm (2 Loaves in 1 Pack)
RM7.70 (37% Off)
4.9 Stars

Calbee Cereal Fruit
Granola / Oat / Grain 【Original 700g】
RM20.50 (63% Off)
4.8 Stars


Russell Taylors Corded
Vacuum Cleaner
RM199.99 (71% Off)
4.8 Stars

Bossman Kaden
3L Mini Air Fryer
RM137 (70% Off)
4.9 Stars

PerySmith Induction
Cooker 2500W
RM117 (70% Off)
4.9 Stars

Giselle Immersion
Hand Blender Set
RM89.99 (77% Off)
4.9 Stars
Aiwa 50 Inch | 58
Inch Android Smart TV
RM1,998 (60% Off)
4.9 Stars



Feature Zalora’s amazing deals from multiple fashion, beauty & lifestyle, and luxury brands with 11.11 discounts, cashback and vouchers at 11.11 Singles 11.11 Sales day. With over 500 international and local brands, your followers can shop for their favourites with discounts up to 80%.

Earn these upsized commissions from Zalora for KOL (MY).

PeriodBonus Payout
Teaser (5 – 9 November)6%
Main Event (10 – 11 November)8%
After Party (12 – 14 November)6%

Here are the exclusive promo codes to share with your followers throughout Zalora’s 11.11 Singles 11.11 Sales period.

Promo CodeMechanicPeriod
WELCOMEU30 (For New Customer)Extra 30% Off + 10% Cashback without minimum spendNovember
HMXTRA11Extra 11% Off on H&M items (W/M/K)1 – 8 November
HOME1070% Off + Extra 10% Off on Home & Living1 – 8 November
BRANDED45Extra 45% Off on Luxury1 – 8 November
11ELEVEN35Extra 35% Off + 10% Cashback1 – 8 November
BRANDED50Extra 50% Off on Puma8 – 15 November
LAN11 & LAN3020% Off Storewide on Laniege8 – 15 November
HOME2080% Off + Extra 20% Off on Home & Living8 – 15 November
40ALLSTARSExtra 40% Off Base (Mixed) (W/M/K)8 – 15 November
ZBEST25Extra 25% Off Sitewide (W/M/K)10 November (12pm – 6pm)
50ALLSTARSUpsized Extra 50% Off Base (24 hours) (W/M/K)11 November
11ELEVEN45Upsized Extra 45% Off Base (Mixed)11 November

Highlight their promotions with these top-selling products.

Dyson Airwrap™️ Hair
Styler Complete (Iron/Fuchsia)
4.8 Stars

Birkenstock Barbados
EVA Sandals
4.8 Stars

SweetPeachier Pro
Ice IPL Handset
5 Stars

The Ordinary AHA 30% +
BHA 2% Peeling Solution (30ML)
4.8 Stars

Dyson Airwrap™️ Hair
Styler Complete (Red/Nickel)
5 Stars

Versace Eros EDT
200ml [YV2140]
4.9 Stars


Enjoy the one-day shopping spree with great discounts at Decathlon. Use voucher code (GAME20) upon check-out to get an RM20 discount with a minimum spend of RM250 on a single receipt.

Recommend these top-selling products that convert into more sales and earn up to 3.5% commission.

Tent with poles
4.5 Stars

Women’s long sleeve
UV-resistant surfing t-shirt black
4.3 Stars

Camping/Outdoor Foldable Chair
4.3 Stars

Men running breathable wind
jacket with hood blue
5 Stars

Weight Training
Dumbbells kit (20kg)
4.2 Stars


Earn a 2.1% sale commission by promoting Watson’s 11.11 Super Sale where your followers can enjoy Buy 1, Free 1 deals.

Feature these top-selling products which they could buy more and save more at Watsons.

Lifebuoy Hand
Sanitiser 50ML
5 Stars

Beauty Formulas Argan Oil
Cleansing Face Wipes 30’s
5 Stars

Beauty Formulas Cucumber
Cleansing Facial Wipes 30’s
5 Stars

Cream 01 Just Nude
5 Stars

SAFI Youth Gold 24K
Gold Essence 35ML
5 Stars

To boost your earnings from 11.11 Sales, here are a couple of tips & tricks on promoting these deals on your content.

Tips & Tricks to Earn Money by Promoting 11.11 Sales

People will click on your affiliate link when they find your content interesting and useful.

The best way to do that is to make product reviews and persuade your followers to click on the link.

Have these points in mind when making product reviews:

  • Know what your followers want
  • Know about the products inside and out
  • Be unbiased and objective
  • Share your experience with the products
  • List down the pros and cons of the products
  • Mention technical information
  • Provide suggestions on using products

After that, build exposure by expanding your traffic to promote your content on SEO, YouTube and social media.

The more you promote useful content, the more likely your followers will make purchases through your affiliate links.

Read our article to learn more about how to gain success in affiliate marketing.

Now that you know how to promote and earn clicks & sales commissions during 11.11 Sales, visit our 11.11 Publisher Festival page to view more campaigns and Offers.

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