Upgrade Your Membership Level with the Help of the Advertiser Directory

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There are four levels of Involve membership – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. At each stage, your benefits will increase.

Everyone starts at Silver like this below after signing up upon registration as a Partner with Involve, everyone will start with Silver:

You’ll be entitled to more benefits the higher your membership status is, such as special bonus commissions & faster payouts.

Before we get into that let’s talk about how the Involve Membership Programme works.

Involve Membership Benefits

By levelling up your Involve membership, you will get extra upsized commissions, pay lower early withdrawal fees, and withdraw commissions as many times as you want!

Bonus on Earned PayoutsX5%8%10%
Discount on Early Withdrawal & Express Withdrawal FeesX10%15%20%
Free Withdrawal(per month)Up to 2 Free WithdrawalsUp to 3 Free WithdrawalsUp to 5 Free WithdrawalsUnlimited withdrawals

There are generally 2 main criteria to increase your Involve membership level:

  1. Earn more affiliate commissions
  2. Get conversions from multiple offers

In the following sections, we will show how you can find more offers to promote from the ‘Advertiser Directory.’

Find More Offers to Promote in the Advertiser Directory

Step 1: Navigate to Advertiser Directory

Log in to your Partner dashboard & navigate to the menu > Partner > Advertiser Directory

Step 2: Browse & Search for Relevant Offers to Promote

On the Advertiser Directory page, you can see a variety of Offers available to promote to increase your Membership level.

Use our filters to narrow down your search for Offers relevant to your niche & audience. Here are some explanations on what the filters mean:

  • Level Up Offers – Contribute points to membership level
  • Bonus Payout – Additional bonuses are given to Partners

Click on the Offer to view brief information about the Advertiser such as

  1. Conversion Rate – the percentage of visit Advertiser’s site that converts to a sale or lead
  2. EPC – Earnings per click
  3. Approval Rate – The ratio of approved conversions to the total number of conversions

Once you have identified relevant offers to promote, it will show you 2 statuses: ‘Apply,’ or ‘Promote.’ Here’s what to do next:

Step 3: Start Promoting or Apply to Promote an Offer

Any offers in the ‘Promote’ status are ready to be promoted. You need to apply to promote offers in the ‘Apply’ status.

Click on  ‘Apply’ & fill up the questions and hit ‘submit.’. You will get a pop-up notification that says “Application submitted successfully”.

Your application will be reviewed within 1 – 3 working days.

Take this opportunity to visit Advertiser Directory and search for your favourite brands & selected Offers to increase your membership level and earn commissions at the same time.

The higher your membership levels, the more benefits you’ll get!

Click on the button below to sign in to go straight to the Advertiser Directory.

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