Upgrade Your Membership Level with the Help of the Advertiser Directory

There are four levels of Involve membership – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. At each stage, your benefits will increase.

Everyone starts at Silver like this below after signing up as Publisher with Involve.

Did you know that you can get more benefits, including getting more conversions and bonus payouts, by earning membership points? Earn these points by promoting more than 500 brands in various categories, including tech, fashion, health & beauty, and home & lifestyle.

Before we get into that let’s talk about how the Involve Membership Programme works.

Involve Membership Benefits

By levelling up your Involve membership, you will get extra upsized commissions, pay lower early withdrawal fees, and withdraw commissions as many times as you want!

Bonus on Earned PayoutsX5%8%10%
Discount on Early Withdrawal & Express Withdrawal FeesX10%15%20%
Free Withdrawal(per month)Up to 2 Free WithdrawalsUp to 3 Free WithdrawalsUp to 5 Free WithdrawalsUnlimited withdrawals

Click here to view more about your Membership Status.

With a high membership level, you’ll be assigned with an Account Manager who will provide suggestions in getting more conversions to improve your marketing performance & ultimately to earn more.

Membership levels are updated on a monthly basis.

Bonuses on earned payouts are only applicable for conversions on selected Offers which we will show you how to view these Offers in the Advertiser Directory.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your Involve membership is to promote as many brands as possible. That’s where the Advertiser Directory could give you some ideas on what to promote.

Find Offers in Advertiser Directory

Step 1: Navigate to Advertiser Directory

At the home page, click on ‘Advertiser Directory’ under ‘Partner’.

Step 2: Identify Different Benefits for Selected Offers

Set up the following filters based on your niche audience and content before you click ‘Search’.

Scroll down to find different sections that show suggested Offers to increase your membership level.

  • Level Up Offers – Contribute points to membership level
  • Daily Activity – Earn daily conversions
  • Offer Variety – Get conversions from different Offers
  • Conversion Rate – Offers improve your conversions per click
  • Average Earnings Per Conversion – The average of how much you’ve earned per conversion
  • Quality Score – Measurement of your offer and conversion quality

Filter ‘Level Up’ and ‘Bonus Payout’ to find selected Offers to promote and earn membership points and bonus payout.

Click on the Offer to view brief information about the Advertiser such as scoring information and validation & payment information. Click the ‘Go to Offer Page’ button to view more details about the Advertiser, including commissions and  latest campaigns.

Once you find the Offer you want to promote and earn membership points, the next step is to promote or apply for the Offer.

Step 3: Promote or Apply Offer

Click on ‘Promote’ or ‘Apply’ button to get started in promoting selected Offers.

To ‘Apply’ Offers, you need to fill up the questions being asked and submit your application. You will get a pop-up notification that says “Application submitted successfully”.

Your application is reviewed by the Advertisers within 1 – 3 working days before making approval.

Take this opportunity to visit Advertiser Directory and search for your favourite brands & selected Offers to increase your membership level and earn commissions at the same time.

The higher your membership levels, the more benefits you’ll get!

Click on the button below to sign in to your dashboard.

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